A1 Albums

  • Rediscovered Album (11/2/2012)
    Trust Me
    Christopher Columbus
    That Somebody is Me
    Fallen From Grace
    Just 3 Words

  • Waiting For Daylight Album (10/11/2010)
    It Happens Everyday
    Don't Wanna Loose You Again
    In Love And I Hate It
    Bad Enough
    Nothing In Common
    Take You Home
    Six Feet Under
    Good Things, Bad People
    Perfect Disaster
    The Life That Could Have Been
    Out There
    Waiting For Daylight

  • Make It Good Album (5/27/2002)
    Caught In The Middle
    Make It Good
    Here Comes The Rain
    When I'm Missing You
    This Ain't What Love Is About
    Crazy For Leaving You
    Learn To Fly
    Isn't It Cheap
    If I Can't Have You
    Make It Through The Night
    Cherish This Love
    Do You Remember?
    One Last Song
    Let It Out
    Bonus Track
    Nos Differences

  • Here We Come Album (9/1/2000)
    Forever In Love
    Be The First To Believe
    Summertime Of Our Lives
    Ready Or Not
    If Only
    Hey You
    Like A Rose
    Walking In The Rain
    Still Around
    I Still Believe
    Heaven By Your Side

  • The A List Album (1/1/2000)

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