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A Wilhelm Scream Biography

Last updated: 11/18/2004 08:24:36 PM

Hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts, a coastal city known more for its whaling history than melodic hardcore. A Wilhelm Scream has been recording and touring the U.S. and Canada relentlessly as a unit for the better part of 4 years and making music together for even longer. Up until December of 2002, this was under the moniker Smackin’ Isaiah. With a new guitarist and a new perspective the members of SI decided to fulfill their creative urges and go full steam ahead (full time) under a new name “A Wilhelm Scream” (inspired by an infamous high pitched film sound effect originated in the 50’s for the film “Distant Dreams” in which a character is dragged underwater by an alligator). This decision embraced by the band’s fan base around the country, inspired the band to pick up where they left off and head out on tour again. The band’s tenacity and new demos helped them snag producer and punk rock legend Bill Stevenson to record the group’s new full-length record entitled “Mute Print”. Recorded in April of 2003 at The Blasting Room in Fort Collins, CO with Stevenson and Jason Livermore at the helm, the boys recorded, essentially, the album of their young adult lives. Mute Print (a film term for the silent print of a movie, ironically) is a record that could be defined by chaotic drums and guitar and vocal harmonizing overload. The band would define it as loud. A Wilhelm Scream intends to add yet another chapter to their already extensive tour history (in the past two years: three full North American, countless East Coast tours plus a week of main stage appearances on Warped Tour 2002) with a goal of 300 shows in the coming year.