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Nine Inch Nails A Warm Place Lyrics

Last updated: 06/30/2010 11:00:00 AM

the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together
the best thing about life is knowing you put it together

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Opossum behind an icebox | Reviewer: element leader | 6/27/10

That is what I recall when I hear this. I watched a opossum walk up a gutter, turn into the lot of a conveinience store like a car, make his way across the lot, then down the sidewall. I followed him/her to see the final destination was the air gap behind the cooler for the ice bags. Hard for a opossum in the city. Did something to my heart to know that this one had found "a warm place" of refuge from the winter, the city, and idiot adolescents like myself.

A Warm Place | Reviewer: RB | 12/9/09

A Warm Place was the title me and my college mates chose for our band.
Was it for the chicks? Nah!
We played 'Head like a Hole' but also 'I just want something I can never have'
But it was the original NIN melody that inspired us.
Good times

best ever | Reviewer: amanda | 9/17/09

this is my favorite song of all time and has been since '94. I used to listen to it on repeat when i went to bed for seriously years as a teenager. my parents were so sick of hearing. i still listen to it to sleep. It is one of those songs you can die to. like underworld's "born slippy"

perfect | Reviewer: <3 NIN | 12/29/07

When you higher the volume a bit, or when you have very good earphones, you can hear the rhytm and construction of this song, and it's the most beautiful I've ever heard. I would do so much if I could only get an original midi file of this song. I also enjoy his new recordings in 'Still', new album available on iTunes and, or just trough the merch store.

beautiful | Reviewer: **** | 11/1/07

This song is my favorite overall song in the world from any of the genres I listen too (which is everything from drone and black metal to g-rap and classical). I love the lyrics, they are so powerful to me. I love the melody (even though it was Bowie's in the first place - "crystal Japan") and I love the bassline and the way it all comes together. I love it so much. It reminds me of winter and of nature and of beauty. And of course, it reminds me of Natural Born Killers =D

amazing | Reviewer: PrettyHateMachine | 6/26/07

a warm place makes me want to cry

i love this song it really gets to me

i think it should be on the soundtrack for a movie!
say..... trent should make a movie based on the year zero concept!

calming | Reviewer: bob | 8/10/06

thisong is s calming yet sad perfect for a hard or stressful day and the simplicity of the almost inaudible lyrics at the begining of the song just adds to the greatness of the song. Truly amazing this song works perfectly as a stand alone song as well as part of the downward spiral story. The song is a perfect example of the album as a whole, sad and yet beautiful, emotive and raw, simply amazing.

Synthetic Harmony | Reviewer: Klekson | 5/18/05

This song is excellent for chill out. Reminds me of Maximim Electronica by Aphex Twin. It's part of the Natural Born Killers Soundtrack (movie by Oliver Stone). But it should be longer, since it only lasts 2 minutes.

awesome song | Reviewer: devdeep | 1/19/05

really good hear...nin einch nails are amazingg...warm safe place is thy nirvana wen ur is huirt obv..for an instrumental song its really good..says wat no words can or watevr..ur a dog if u dunt hve it n ur a nine inch nails fan..lisn n enjoyyy