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Sirrah A.U.Tomb Lyrics

Last updated: 01/23/2003 03:19:44 AM

Memories alive in shame
Through my sadness
Sun shines cold
Now and here I want to fade
Thoughts, my feelings, tears
Try to change the world
As the worst becomes reality
Falsehood in your speech
To leave this repulsive land
Garden falls in yellow-red
As tears when meeting the dawn
Childish dreams and happy years
Sustained in the dark
Bring me to the broken panes
Let sunshineburn my eyes
The truth was hard to face
And all now seems in vain
Relentless slowly reveals
The pains of life increase
Autumn in the garden I feel
And all now seems like
Wounds on your hands
The heaviest cross on thy neck
Brought down your faith lord
In your name
I am here haunted by fear
Trembling afraid to sleep
Lying on the dry dead leaves
Key to nowhere
In my reach
We were dead from the beginning
False existence we dreamt
And now I see I've never lived
Help me escape