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A Trillion Barnacle Lapse Biography

Last updated: 08/15/2005

Alex - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Anthony - Guitar, Keys
Nron - Bass
Mike - Drums, programing

A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE have constantly been expanding their musical ground ever since their inception in 2000. With two full lengths already under their belt, and some recent member changes, Rhode Island's A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE have grown into something that their previous records on Level Plane and Sound Virus only hinted at. A Cruise In Heaven is a 10 song opus, clocking in at 40 minutes, that intermingles dense guitar work with suave keys and drumming that is both live and programmed. With vocals parallel to Robert Smith's of THE CURE, and the musical ability to both sooth and storm, fans of ECHO AND THE BUNNYMEN, LOVE AND ROCKETS, and NEW ORDER will all find reasons to enduldge in A TRILLION BARNACLE LAPSE's latest work. Keep in mind though that ATBL are not rehashing any stlye of ‘80s pop, but instead they are reconstructing it with punk rock motivations. Like THE FAINT, RADIOHEAD, and THE BIRTHDAY PARTY merging into one entity at some nocturnal gala.