A Static Lullaby Albums

  • A Static Lullaby Album (10/1/2006)
    Hang 'em High
    The Annexation Of Puerto Rico
    The Art Of Sharing Lovers
    The Collision
    Trigger Happy Tarantula
    Eager Cannibals
    Life In A Museum
    Stare At The Air
    Static Slumber Party
    Mechanical Heart

  • Faso Latido Album (4/5/2005)
    Smooth Modulator
    Stand Up
    Radio Flyer's Last Journey
    Cash Cowbell
    Half Man, Half Shark; Equals One Complete Gentleman
    Calmer Than You Are
    Faso Latido
    Godbless You (God Damnit)
    Marilyn Monrobot
    Modern Day Fire
    The Jesus Haircut

  • And Don't Forget to Breathe Album (1/28/2003)
    Nightmares Win 6-0
    Love To Hate, Hate To Me
    Lipgloss And Letdown
    A Sip Of Wine Chased With Cyanide
    We Go To Eleven
    The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us All
    A Song For A Broken Heart
    Annunciate While You Masticate
    Charred Fields Of Snow

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    Instant Classic! | Reviewer: B7
        ------ About the album A Static Lullaby performed by A Static Lullaby

    Bought the album a couple days after it came out, and to date, it has not gotten old! This album is amazing from beginning to end! After the FIRST time I finished hearing this album, A Static Lullaby instantly became my favorite band....now THAT's power!..lol...for rock fans, this is a DEFINITE MUST-HAVE!!!....

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