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Bright Eyes A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever And A Necklace Lyrics

Last updated: 10/26/2012 01:57:43 PM

"So long everything!" he shouted, then he ran next door to Margot's house.
"I'm moving," he said.
"Where?" asked Margot.
"Two weeks away," said Mitchell.
"Where is that?" asked Margot.
"It's everywhere I will be after I walk for two weeks," said Mitchell, "I have lived in the same place for a long time, it is time for me to go some place else."
"No." said Margot, "You have only lived next door for fifteen years."
"Sixteen," said Mitchell.
"Fifteen...sixteen, what's the difference?" said Margot, "I want you to stay next door forever."
"I can't," said Mitchell, " I do not want to go wake up in the same old bed and eat breakfast in the same old kitchen. Every room in my house is the same old room, because I have lived there too long. “

You turn on a spindle. You’re so much looser now but you’re not explaining how you gained such new repose. I touch the clasp of your locket, with its picture held, some secret you wouldn’t tell but let it choke your neck. So we imagine a darkness where all shapes divide, solids changing into light, with a burst of heat so bright. Well fine, don’t you do what I want you to. Don’t degrade yourself the way that I do cause you don’t depend upon all the shit that I use to make my moods improve.

"And you look at me and think, same old face, same old tail, same old scale, same old walk, same old talk, same old Margot,"
"No," said Mitchell, "I like your face, tail, scale, walk, and talk.”
”I like you."
"I like you too," said Mitchell. He walked through the door.
"I must pack," he said.

Near a sea of pianos, there were waves of chords that crashed against the shore in one huge and useless roar. And there were girls bringing water, like a dream they came to cool the fever of my brain, and soothe my burning throat. And they made me a necklace, hanging beads of sweat on a string of my regrets, and placed it round my neck and they were singing, “Don’t you do what you’ve wanted to. Yeah, don’t destroy yourself like those cowards do and maybe the sun keeps coming up because it has gotten used to you and your constant need for proof.”

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My little girl | Reviewer: Keri Lynn Rosen | 10/26/12

My little girl, 2.5 years old, she "loves" most of our music but this track she genuinely loves. She loves the little boy reading, she falls asleep to him. She doesn't realize that it is a conversation that she may one day have herself and how much it will mean to her. The fact that it's a sample from a horror flick that I have seen more than once has not been lost on me.

A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, And a Necklace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/16/09

I actually think the "audio" of the story reading is very effective with the emotion of the story. Sure, at the beginning when the kid is corrected it just sounds like he messed up; but during the "I like you" and "I like you too", how he struggles to say it and repeats it, I think it makes the effect of that part much stronger.

A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, and A Necklace | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/10/08

I love this song. The first time I heard it, it made me cry and whenever I listen to it, I cry again. The whole "I like you, I like you too" in the story adds feeling to the song. It is a sad song but I think everyone can relate to it.

A Spindle, A Darkness, A Fever, and A Necklace | Reviewer: violets | 3/18/08

This song makes me cry every time I listen to it. Which, considering most of Bright Eyes's work, isn't that unusual. But this song ALWAYS gets me...something about the story at the beginning with the little kid reading and whoever's in the background correcting him. The emotion in the song feels very pure and "nostalgic" to me, so it makes sense for a little kid to read in it. The "I like you" "I like you I must pack" part especially tugs at my heart. I recommend this song to anyone who likes their songs with genuine emotion and doesn't mind their music on the sad side of things.

<3 | Reviewer: =) | 7/14/07

i love what the little boy is reading, it adds a great touch to the song (the story not really the audio of it)