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Queens Of the Stone Age A Song For The Deaf Lyrics

Last updated: 04/06/2013 11:19:14 AM

Song for the Deaf
Nobody's comin' down the hall
Nobody echoes in my head
Broken reflection had a look
Nobody ever needed her

I got what was
I want to take what's left
Ready now

Beautiful senses are gone
Canary in a gilded cage

Sweet soft and low
I will poison you all
Come closer racing to your turn

I got what was, I want to take what's left
No talk will cure, what's lost or
Save what's left, for the Deaf

I can go get fucked
Lie beside the ditch
So low round my neck
Strung out every stitch

Who are you hidin'? Is it safe for the deaf?
Beautiful cancer, infiltrate, and forget
I saw you comin' I heard not a thing
A mistake not to listen when I knew
Where you'd been

I got what was, I want to take what's left
No talk will cure, what's lost or
Save what's left, for the Deaf

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Song For the Head | Reviewer: AmanNamdeDan | 4/6/13

this Song has a great rolling percussion (Thanks Mr Dave Grohl) coupled with Oliveri's low tumbling down then up bass line buttressed by a an occasional strum from low ringing guitar all setting up a deep dark rich contrast for Homme's serene and lilting lyrics.
There are little sonic surprises here and there such as the part of the song Homme croons of a canary in a gilded cage while guitar sings along in a birdlike voice.
You can hear a mini sample of the interim riff of this song at the very begriming of the album as "Kip Casper" a D.J. for "Clone Radio" talks about needing a saga for the daytime commute.
This is the titular Song of a brilliant album of music that rewards buyer's of albums because it is fully explored - it does not have hits here and there that are "produced" better than others to sell single MP3 downloads or to be a hook in a car commercial - instead it is a full crafted work of dynamics, much like the harmonies presented in the chorus of this song which changes the dark ominous feel of doom approaching to the mellow gold of savoring lost last joys.
While the rest of the album is more of a good 'ol sex drugs n rock & roll feel this is a little darker yet still leaves me feeling amp'd to listen and find more treasures hidden therein.