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A Small Victory Biography

Last updated: 01/05/2004 09:11:42 PM

A Small Victory is a high energy rock band hailing from the heart of Georgia. Their one purpose in life, to infect this planet like a plague with driven heart filled songs, and infectious melodies. To accomplish this they will stop at nothing. They make their live shows explosive and aggressive by putting every ounce of emotion they have inot their instruments and into the crowd.

ASV got its start in late 2000 when brothers Luke and Zack began practicing with high school friend and skate buddy Mark. Nearing the end of their high school careers the trio joined forces with other friends Bobby and John to complete the band. For the next year the five friends experimented with different musical styles and song writing to develop a style all their own. Due to differences in life interests it was decided that it would be best if Bobby left the band to allow full progression. Soon after that, new found friend Ryan filled the guitar spot to help the guys finish a 4 song basement demo and head out on tour in the summer of 2002. When summer came the guys hit the road with friends and fellow local band Day After Day on a 3 week journey across the US playing many states on the drive to and from California. The 100 percent self booked tour was a success.

After tour the fellows united with old friend Danny who had been playing in another local Atlanta band (Simon Favors). Danny filled the guitar spot like a missing puzzle piece. Immediately the band started writing new material and revising old songs in full force. Band chemistry had never been so fluid. The guys got into the studio to record for the EP "The Science of Morning" (not yet released).

Over the passed few years A Small Victory has developed an avid following in Atlanta Georgia. With the line up set and one goal in minde they are ready to hit the road and win over the masses, truly living out all five members dreams.