A Skylit Drive Albums

  • Rise Album (9/24/2013)
    Save Me Tragedy
    Crash Down
    Said & Done
    Just Stay
    I, Enemy
    Wide Awake
    Dreaming In Blue
    Bonus Track

  • Identity On Fire Album (3/1/2011)
    Carry The Broken
    Too Little Too Late
    XO Skeleton
    Conscience Is A Killer
    Ex Marks The Spot
    The Cali Buds
    Your Mistake
    Fuck The System
    500 Days Of Bummer
    Tempt Me, Temptation
    Identity On Fire
    If You Lived Here You'd Be Home
    Black And Blue
    400 Ft. Robots

  • Adelphia Album (6/9/2009)
    Prelude To A Dream
    Those Cannons Could Sink A Ship
    Running With The Light
    Eva The Carrier
    The Boy Without A Demon
    Thank God It's Cloudy Cause I'm Allergic To Sunlight
    Air The Enlightenment
    The Children Of Adelphia
    I Swear This Place Is Haunted
    It's Not Ironic It's Obvious
    See You Around

  • Wires And The Concept Of Breathing Album (5/20/2008)
    In The Beginning There Was Void / Instrumental
    Knights Of The Round
    Wires And The Concept Of Breathing
    City On The Edge Of Forever
    Eris & Dysnomia
    I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter
    My Disease
    This Isn't The End
    Pursuit Lets Wisdom Ride The Wind
    All It Takes For Your Dreams To Come True

  • She Watched The Sky Album (1/23/2007)

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    Reviews about A Skylit Drive albums

    Jordan 'fucking' Blake | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album She Watched The Sky performed by A Skylit Drive

    This is probably one of the best eps ever make. Jordan Blake is a complete God!!! The way he uses is vocals is amazing. he is hands down the best vocalist that ever hit the post-hardcore scene. He's currently in Watchout! There's Ghosts, which is once again, an amazing duo. This guy never disappoints. It kinda sucks that he left A Skylit Drive though. But Jagman is pretty awesome aswell. I would recomend this ep to anyone that's a fan of post-hardcore music. xoxo

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