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A Skylit Drive is a six-piece post-hardcore band from Lodi/Galt California. They released their first EP, titled “She Watched the Sky” with Tragic Hero Records in January and have released the follow-up full length album “Wires and the Concept of Breathing”. ASD is Michael “Jag” Jagmin (Vocals), Nick Miller (Guitar), Joey Wilson (Guitar), Brian White (Bass/Vocals), Kyle Simmons (Synthesis/Keys), and Cory La Quay (Drums/Vocals).

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This is mostly about Brian white ; he's my inspiration. | Reviewer: Julia on speed | 12/29/11

End of 2010 ; when I first heard of a skylit drive . The very first song I heard was those cannons could sink a ship , and I fell in love with this band . I started youtubing them and googleing them *I'm not a creeper* but then I heard their album " identity on fire " and I LOVED it soo much I bought the album . Then I became interested in playing bass . So , I bought the next album of theirs , and I became inspired by Brian white . When I play my bass , and I feel like giving up I think of Brian an think if he can be awesome at doing it . So can I , but I love this band so much and one day I wish I can see them live . If they only did a Canadian tour I would die , I would go anywhere in Canada too see them . Even better to meet them :)

Amzing SHiT EveR~**~ | Reviewer: margarita on pot | 6/15/11

i just heard of them recently when i was watching this video on YOUTUBE an the moment i heard them i was so intrigued so i decided to check out some of their songs n they just left me breathless!!!!!!!!!!MY Faves songs so far are it isnt the end n prelude to a dream!!!!!!!!!AMZING BAND EVER well no it would have 2 b Hawthorne Heights,Tokio Hotel and THEN A Skylit Drive:)Keep rocking out ppl!!!!!!!!

i love them! | Reviewer: evE | 4/19/09

My name is Chrystelle Eve Uy Cordero,
I'm a 14 yeaR old girl who lives
at the Philippines. I heard most
of ASD's songs and it is very inspiring.
I hope many teenagers would discover this band
and their song so they'd also be inspired like me.
I hope this band would continue in making
"hERt-rocKing" soNGs! God bless you!

reason for broken wings lyrics | Reviewer: alex | 3/11/08

its weird, in the CD booklet i think A Skylit Drive mistyped their lyrics, because in the song a reason for broken wings, they say "wounds" but in the booklet they write "wombs". and you can tell out of context that they totally meant "wounds".

ASD | Reviewer: Chris | 11/21/07

theyre an amazing band clearly. I have played many shows with them with my old bands, Our City's Skyline, Three Days Falling, and Unburied Lovers. These guys are some of the best Ive met with my bands they are very talented and I am honored to know them. They are by far my favorite band and the only band I can listen to no matter what mood Im in.

W.O.W | Reviewer: Lynn | 2/27/07

I love all of their work! The combinations of metal and alternative are completely riveting! A Skylit Drive simply owns me!

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