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Anathema A Simple Mistake Lyrics

Last updated: 10/19/2013 07:42:58 AM

Think for yourself you know what you need in this life
see for yourself and feel your soul come alive tonight
here in moments we share, trembling between the worlds we stare
out at starlight enshrined, veiled like diamonds in..

...time could be the answer, take a chance, lose it all
it's a simple mistake to make to create love and to fall
so rise and be your master you don't need to be a slave
of memory ensnared in a web, in a cage

I've found my way to fly free from the constraints of time
I have soared through the sky seen life far below in mind
breathed in truth, love, serene, sailed on OCEANS OF BELIEF
searched and found life inside, we're not just a moment in time...

....could be the answer...
Feel renewed inside
Feel the truth in life,see beyond sky,beyond our waking eyes,when the night is long,feel i don't belong,when sky is grey you turn to me and say,
Love is all we are ,together or apart.
When the light of day ,turn me on my way,
Feel renewed inside,feel the truth in life,
See beyond...

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oh god | Reviewer: Naji Naji | 10/19/13

"so rise and be your master you don't need to be a slaveof memory ensnared in a web, in a cage"
"when sky is grey you turn to me and say,Love is all we are ,together or apart."
Having lost a (dearst) loved one, I think these words (music too) stabed right into a not too old scar

It's just a simple mistake... | Reviewer: Mo | 5/24/12

Im a true fan of Anathema. They have their ups and downs, but in this song everything is pure simple mistake. They want to commit a simple mistake and not to be afraid of it. I always am afraid of consequences of falling, because it didn't work out once. But when I listen to this song it inspires me to fall for good things and not to be afraid of it. Maybe it is a mistake but we're just human and we are born to do rights and mistakes.
If you think this a song with dark depressive lyrics I think this is how you want to understand it. I understand it my way and Im happy with it.

Forlorn refuge... | Reviewer: Hamxa | 10/3/10

Anathema....has always been my refuge, their words, their music...

not that impressed with the latest release, apart from this song, which i had heard earlier, but they have fine tuned it, and have done great.

hm........ | Reviewer: LPTK | 6/25/10

I think this song is one of best of Anathema. it's actually for those who fall in love and fail. and this lyric says that there are far more greater things in life that you haven't seen. So get up and fly...

It's coming... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/15/10

As you mature you realize the in your face obvious trappings of sadness/depression/loss/nostalgia in music and poetry lose considerable sting as you actually live a life and fell these for yourself. This is not new Anathema in a new direction with positive messages, if you feel this way just wait. It's coming...

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

this song is great as well as the other two, angels walk among us and everything..
but i feel the new anathema lyrics are kinda of poor..they are are repeaten many times and i dont find that they are as good-written as previous Anathema songs..:/
great music !

Anathema | Reviewer: N | 10/27/09

of course they are Anathema and yes they are moving to a new phase and I guess this song is anti love and they are still on the dark depressive side, its not moving on to a better way or getting better.
Anathema can always put me in a very black mood filled with my own smell

Who Do I Listen To? | Reviewer: Jens Tiemann | 10/11/08

This song is a Prog-Rock-Monster...
About 8 Minutes of intense experience.
At this time I listened to it about 15 times in a row (no end at sight).
My only problem with it is that I don't if it's Porcupine Tree or Anathema.
But all the rest is pure pleasure.

I'd like to have more songs like this.

my crappy review | Reviewer: haki | 1/15/08

not certainly not one of there best but it does point us in the direction that there headed anathema is trying diferent things witht their new songs, they are leaving behind the darker more depressive lyrics of the past and are talking about moving on and getting better. a new thing for them and im sure there fans will love as always. me on the other hand likes the older ones but they my suicidal mind and depressive state ive been in since I was 9