A Silent Film Albums

  • Sand & Snow Album (6/5/2012)
    Reaching the Potential
    This Stage is Your Life
    Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well
    Cuckoo Song
    Let Them Feel Your Heartbeat
    Harbour Lights
    Rustle of the Stars
    Queen of a Sad Land
    Love Takes a Wrecking Ball
    Thousand Mile Race

  • The City That Sleeps Album (3/30/2010)
    Sleeping Pills
    Julie June
    Thirteen Times The Strength
    One Wrong Door
    Feather White
    You Will Leave A Mark
    Highest Regard
    Ghosts In The Water
    Driven By Their Beating Hearts
    Firefly In My Window

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    Reviews about A Silent Film albums
    Worth your time? Yes. Money? Yes. Worth an award? Probably. | Reviewer: M206
        ------ About the album Sand & Snow performed by A Silent Film

    A Silent Film's newest album is a beautiful addition to their discography. The even mix of fast tempo and mellow tracks make it versatile and fresh. Lyrically valid and provoking. The first track "Reaching the Potential" is Keane-esque, while "Anastasia" is a fast flowing synthpop-esque track. The bands signature piano and synth blend appears to be perfected, they compliment each other wonderfully throughout the album.

    Tl;Dr: Instrumentation is great, lyrics and vocals are great, mixing is great, even the album cover is great. Buy it.

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