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Ashen Reign A Prayer For The Dying Lyrics

Last updated: 07/07/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Blinded by the anger
So bitter and so cold
For in their anger they slay the innocence of souls

Forgive their wrath, for it was remorseful deep set
As anger filled their souls tormented with regret

If you can't see the light then
Don't make a sound
You'll be found
You'll be found
A Prayer for the Dying
Is a dream worth fighting for
When Death whispers softly
You're his forever more

To fear the kiss of death
Must be terrifying
Won't you lend me your ear say
A Prayer For the Dying

When it's time to pass
Have you left an angry word
Your last dying breath should never go unheard

Forgive yourself and you may find yourself at peace
The regret that fills your heart is blinded disbelief

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