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A Perfect Murder Biography

Last updated: 11/10/2003 08:46:09 PM

Symbolically formed in the first year of the new millennium, A Perfect Murder’s solid foundation is the result of a few good men having payed their dues for years prior in bands such as the Shockwave-influenced Downfall Of Man and most recently the scene favorites A Death For Every Sin. A Perfect Murder’s founder, former vocalist, and current lead guitarist Carl Bouchard, who has taken on aliases of The Bouch and subsequently Dimebouch (an offshoot nickname of Pantera’s famous six-stringer Dimebag Darrell), already possesses the audacity necessary in the mire of faceless hardcore bands to set his band far apart from the others. The quick hands of bassist Luc Verville, who once played in old-school hardcore bands, ensures his interminable commitment to A Perfect Murder no matter how thrashy their future tunes may be. The remaining members of the rhythm section, guitarist Kevin Lemire and drummer Yan Chausse, establish themselves as a backbone to be reckoned with, though far from flashy as too many bands have recently fallen victim to. Spearheading A Perfect Murder is the bulky Frank Pellerin who is also a Physical Education teacher, and widely considered to be the both the best vocalist in the local scene in addition to possessing a human roar that is more than refreshing in the face of the many newcomers apparently auditioning to be the next Cookie Monster, clearly blind to the fact that Sesame Street has been off the air for over a decade. In layman terms, this is not a band of fly-by-nights.

As a quintet bent on crafting their own rules, the members of A Perfect Murder vowed to set themselves apart musically from the tiresome trends that were seriously watering down and obscuring the quality output emanating from the hardcore scene. They did so by delving deep into the annals of select classic heavy metal bands’ golden eras for inspiration, among them Metallica, Testament, and Pantera, along with the groove-loaded southern legends Crowbar and Down. Released one year following their formation, A Perfect Murder’s debut EP entitled Blood Covered Words luckily received vast distribution through Lumberjack and No Idea. Although it was a well-produced and superb onslaught of heavy metal not to be soon forgotten, not to mention the Max Cavalerian growl of then-vocalist Carl Bouchard, meager finances and non-musical employment stood in the way of an adequate tour in support of the EP.

Two years and many unifying local shows later, A Perfect Murder was signed by the rising Ontario label Goodfellow Records and soon released their debut album Cease To Suffer, on which all of the current frenzied hype is based on. Featuring a revamped and more streamlined sound in addition to the unveiling of new vocalist Frank Pellerin, Cease To Suffer shows a band sturdy from the ground up. And like the traditional southern metal bands that influenced them, Cease To Suffer is an album heavy on the bass and thick on the guitars, leaving very little room for avoidance of the rock that A Perfect Murder bring to the table. Seldom has a band originating in Canada taken the often unconvinced American hardcore scene by the balls as A Perfect Murder are in the process of doing, and you can expect this course of action to culminate when they release their sophomore album next year, one that is poised to incite sheer awe in the rock-hungry hardcore enclave. With an upcoming EP of Metallica, Slayer, and Black Sabbath covers alongside a couple of new songs, A Perfect Murder’s respectful yet working class approach has set them in motion to dominate the hardcore scene and set new benchmarks for years to come.