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Kris Kristofferson A Moment Of Forever Lyrics

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Was it wonderful for you?
Was it holy as it was for me?
Did you feel the hand of destiny
That was guiding us together?

You were young enough to dream
I was old enough to learn something new
I'm so glad I got to dance with you
For a moment of forever

Sometimes when you're cryin', you're happy
Sometimes you're just cryin'
I know. I know.

Come whatever happens now
Ain't it nice to know that dreams still come true
I'm so glad that I was close to you
For a moment of forever.

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a moment of forever | Reviewer: betty macrae | 2/19/2007

beautiful song very heart rendering moment when at willie nelson concert in glasgow in jan 07 , he sung kris song a moment of forever. i was very moved indeed . i now want to try afford to go see kris at glasgow concert hall this spring god willing

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