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Cancerslug A Lullaby (To Help You Die) Lyrics

Last updated: 09/16/2008 12:00:00 PM

Walking down the street,
I see a cunt I'd to like to meet,
She's got a pretty tight ass,
and I'd like to find my way in it,
And it'll be O.K.
For a little bit.

Twenty five dollars to my name,
It's gonna find it's way in my veins,
I ain't talking shit I feel no shame,
Or anything even close to pain!

Life's just a state of execution
Served without a conviction
We're all addicts with different addictions,
But believe what you if it helps you sleep at night,
Will make it right,
A sweet lullaby,
To Help You Die!
Thanks to TheDonald for submitting A Lullaby (To Help You Die) Lyrics.