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A Lot Like Birds Biography

Last updated: 10/17/2011

The music scene is over-saturated. In a strictly uniform musical environment that rewards low-risk bands, A Lot Like Birds was formed with two intentions: to push boundaries and move people on the way.

The band is a 5-8 piece Progressive/Post-Hardcore outfit from Sacramento, CA known for their tendency to experiment with several diverse genre influences and their incorporation of orchestral and ambient sound-scapes contrasted by chaotic, schizophrenic episodes. Their debut album Plan B was the brainchild of the band’s guitarist/vocalist, who invited several talented musicians in the Sacramento scene to perform on the record. Saxophones, trumpets and trombones, violins and cellos, and female and screamo vocal arrangements all make appearances on the record. Five of these musicians came to form the core of the final band (the horns, strings and female vocalist perform as live guests) and they have spent their first year of existence diligently perfecting their live set, building their fan base, and most recently, writing a new E.P. as a collaborative effort. Their live set is known for setting deep moods that swing from thoughtful, emotional build-ups to body-moving, epic climaxes. They are currently seeking management and shopping labels, and plan to take long strides with their next few steps.

Kurt Travis - Vocals
Michael Littlefield - Bass
Michael Franzino - Vocals/Guitar
Ben Wiacek- Guitar
Cory Lockwood- Vocals
Joe Arrington- Drums