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Walls of Jericho A Little Piece Of Me Lyrics

Last updated: 11/28/2010 10:00:00 AM

let's not sugar coat this, it's not that sweet, my mind restrains my lips from speaking those words no one wants to hear, those words someone has to say.
it's time to kiss goodbye.
i'm so close to ripping out my heart, i'm so close to throwing it in your face.
where will i be then ?
no better off than i am now.
alone, afraid, desensitized.
this is not the first time and i'm sure its not the last.
this is the thing i am sure of, the one thing i know.
let me ask you a question, do you know what's wrong with me ?
can you give me an answer ?
if not then leave me the fuck alone, quit playing hero.
honestly these tears are not for you, these tears are for me.
the me inside of me, the one that no one sees, the me i strive to be.
i am so alone, and i'm afraid of becoming desensitized.
at least i think that's what i want.
do you know what i want ?
do you know who i am ?
do you like who i've become ?

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Mike Carlson is better at sucking | Reviewer: Goatboy | 11/28/10

This is a fucking amazing song, judging by his useless e-mail address Mike Carlson is a guitar muso loser, ain't heard of you Mike, maybe you'd understand hardcore if you got your lips off the cock more often.

wow! they suck and blow | Reviewer: mike carlson | 1/11/09

every song by these guys suck. just because you can growl into a microphone, doesen't mean you can call it metal. Anyone who thinks this is good music deserves to go jump into a pit lonliness and stay there. do something about it!