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A Life Once Lost Biography

Last updated: 07/14/2009 12:00:00 PM

Bob Meadows /vocals
Bob Carpenter /guitar
Doug Sabolick /guitar
Nick Frasca /bass
Justin Graves /drums

As we near the 3 year anniversary of the origination of Philadelphia's own A Life Once Lost, let us remember how it all began. This band started off like so many others before them by making loud, undefined noises in a basement. That noise eventually molded itself into the unique, easily-defined sound that is their own. A Life Once Lost reapplies Old School traditional Metal techniques to today's more abrasive, cause-of-death Hardcore. Anger and despair fuel much of the band's repertoire with every new song breaking through to new levels of brutality. Over the years, their live show has been known to draw much blood. Cracked skulls and bloody noses are commonplace and play a large role in adding to the intensity of their live performance, which, through it all, portrays the same sense of precision that can be heard on their CDs. Past releases include full length, "Open your mouth for the speechless, in case of those appointed to die", released in 2000 on Loudnet records. This was the band's first attempt at etching their sound into stone. This sound continued to thrive and carried over onto their latest release: "The Fourth Plague: Flies", which is available on CD from Robotic Empire, as well as re-released on vinyl by Deathwish Records. All along this path, A Life Once Lost has developed an extremely large, loyal fanbase, which continues to grow daily. Keep checking back as the band continues to create history.


* A Life Once Lost is an entity made up of highly trained, skilled professionals. Any attempt by an under-trained individual to develop a sound this deadly is dangerous to one's health and should under no circumstances be repeated. A Life Once Lost is the number one cause of death in Metal and Hardcore kids ages 16-24.