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On Broken Wings A Lazarus Envy Lyrics

Last updated: 06/22/2009 11:00:00 AM

last night i realized
my excitement for
events that were
not yet my life.
upon return,
it's all in the past,
it's all a memory.
all my life is,
is this moment,
and what i can remember.
what i cannot see,
does not exist,
and to think i
would have mourned.
i fell in love with life.
what i cannot see
does not exist.
all my life is memories.
to last night?
we're shells.
we're nothings.

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great | Reviewer: erik | 6/20/09

this song is great.on broken wings is an amazing band with great talent.and for the review DJ zsigrai the end part is on broken wings its the vocalist johnathan blake rapping.they use to use hip hop samples/beats in their music.check out the album "some of us may never see the world"for more great stuff like in this song or just check out all their albums they're just so simply amazing.OBW FTW!!!!

Good Song, Who Is The Hip Hop Band At The End? | Reviewer: DJ Zsigrai | 7/17/04

Im Not A Rap Or Hip Hop Fan By Any Means... this is a good song, and there is a band or w/e at the end (some hip hop) if anyone knows email me, but ya good song, hip hop at the end, unexpected, but good.