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A Home. A Heart. Whatever. Biography

Last updated: 08/02/2011

Jake says: „When you pillage the internet and radio daily for new and exciting music, often you come up with decent tracks, worthy of a few words and a little attention. They come and go. But what is rare is when you discover something that leaves a mark. A song or artist that you know will stay with you for a long time. It‘s rare, but it‘s happened today. It‘s a stunning mix of soft indie rock and folk, wrapped up with hints of electro-pop and swooning lyrics & vocals. Try it, your heart will thank you.“

A HOME. A HEART. WHATEVER. This is Indie, this is Electro-Pop, this is Folk. But how does this come together? The answer is given by three guys (Tobias Mecklinger, Marcus Schreiner and Florian Zabel) from Munich, Weilheim and Augsburg, Germany who just released their debut-album.

After three years of intensive work, A HOME. A HEART. WHATEVER. created a highly versatile and varied album all by themselves from songwriting, recording, mastering up to the artwork.

Every so often, striking beats, electric guitars and groovy synthies invite to dance. Elsewhere soft strings and a fragile mandoline merge to perfect melancholy and make room for great emotions until a powerful brass section takes you back to the ground. And sometimes again, A HOME. A HEART. WHATEVER. shows a folky look with banjo and accoustic guitar.

Retrospective: It is the year 2006. Tobias and Marcus each had already released 2 albums with their previous bands, recorded videos, toured Europe, played famous festivals and supported bands like Stereophoniccs or Weezer... but it happend as it happens so often. Musical differences, band members changed, friendships were broken. The well-known stories. Finally, the end for both bands. The musical heart failure. Tinnitus.

But it was not long before a HEART started beating again. It just had to find a new HOME. In the winter of 2007 the paths of Tobias and Marcus crossed. Two seekers with the same history. A HOME. A HEART. WHAT EVER. was born. Tobias and Marcus already knew from the beginning that it would work. But they had no idea where the journey would go to. They only had two guitars, a computer and the longing in their heart. Above all, they wanted to enjoy the time they spent with the music. A very intense time started. Ideas were spun and discarded. Approaches were found and lost. Lonely places in the Alps were explored and, inspired by nature and the vastness, first songs were written and the music began to develop. Years passed before a bunch of songs and a chaos of different music-genres resulted in the distinctive AHAHWE sound. As luck would have it, it was just Marcus‘ neighbor Florian, who turned out to be the missing link. With Synthesizer, Moog, Glockenspiel, Fender Rhodes, Melodica and a lot of playfulness he brought the key elements that the band was still missing.

Now, the trio wants to proof that their songs of the colourful and detailed debut-album not only convince on disc, but also work live on stage.