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A Heartwell Ending Biography

Last updated: 03/23/2010 12:00:00 PM

Its common knowledge that most bands break up. Many people would give up at this point but the now-members of A Heartwell Ending did exactly the opposite. Hailing from two separate broken up bands AHE came together on a late evening in mid-October when Greg Hurst(At it Again) introduced Bret Johnson and Justin Allen(The Conspiracy Theory) to his previous bands drummer Robert McCann(At It Again), forming the what is now AHE. From that day on practice became a daily ritual to the band and writing great songs was what they strived towards. After two long months of a strenuous practice schedule the band decided it was time to record their best ten of their fifteen songs. The first step was to lay down the drum tracks, these would set the pace of the songs they were going to lay down. After the drum tracks were finished the band began to hit a little turbulence, causing differences in opinions resulting in an emotional good-bye to their drummer Robert McCann. Now after a small set-back the band decided to stay together and write the rest of these songs as a three-piece while still looking for other players to join the group. Though still no one has been able to fill the shoes of their previous drummer they are still recording and finishing up the rest of their songs while attempting to plan a nation-wide tour for the summer of 2004.