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Cece Winans A Heart Like Yours Lyrics

Last updated: 08/20/2014 05:39:27 PM

I try to reach out for you but i fall.
Some times you seem so close and yet so far.
Lord i need another chance, i need to know your mercy, please give me the strength to change within.
Verse 2:
I know that i'm not all that i can be.
My weakness seems to get the best of me.
But as long as you are here, i know that i will make it every step along the way please hear my prayer.
a heart like yours is my desire a heart like yours is what i'm searching for, full of compassion nothing wrong within. Please hear me lord give me a heart like yours.
so much grace, so much kindness, so much faith, forever true, strong as the wind soft as the shadows. If just once i could be like you.
Repeat chorus (x2)

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A song that confirms that life is shambles without Christ | Reviewer: Oladunjoye Oluwayemisi Prisca | 8/20/14

A heart like Yours is a mirror that showcases the shambles of life without Christ. A song that thrills and makes me long for God. When I have a heart like Christ, then I wil be able to live for Him and populate His kingdom. Lord, just make me Yours. Thanks to madam Cece, more grace I pray for you

a heart like yours | Reviewer: queenesther | 7/26/14

I love this song. Each time I listen to it, it melts my heart. It also makes me believe that there's a true God, who has a heart full of compassion, n always ready to forgive sins. Thanks to Cece

Believe | Reviewer: Luchen | 4/18/14

A heart like your's is the song that touch my heart.I makes me believe that there is a living God with a desired hart.I makes me love God more then I ever this song chance my life.thank u God for the desire of your you all

it wroughts sober reflections | Reviewer: meshach chika | 3/8/14

when ever i plays dis song, it makes me reflect deeply and feel remorse for my weaknesses as a human and propels my desire for a more diligent and obedient heart like christ's. dis is one of d kind of songs we need in this generation

A hrt like u | Reviewer: mr Enoch | 1/19/14

indid da song is a powerful one,for one to sing a song like dis,it takes da level of closness with God.da song help me to imagin hw close my hrt cu b with God n hw joyful i became wen i tries it,infact God will blessings u n increase u.

A heart like yours | Reviewer: Kelechi | 11/9/13

D 1st day I listened 2 ds song, is as I'm in Heaven, it touches my soul, anytime I'm playing it, I will keep on repeating d song until I'm satisfied. it is a lovely song. May God give me a heart like His. Thank u CeCe W. may God be with u n u will do more of ds.

A heart like yours | Reviewer: Joyful | 10/18/13

A heart like your by sis, cece is the song i luv so much, when i listen to de it like iam in paradise, is a song of inspiration it touches people life, some people have been transform through this ministration, the heart of God is what i desire every of my life.

A heart like yours | Reviewer: Blessing Ajah | 9/9/13

Dis song makes me weep each time i play it ,i love it wit all my hrt am believin God dat one day i will be like cece winans bcos she is my rolemodel lov u cece may God keep strengthin U

A heart like yours | Reviewer: Blessing | 9/6/13

indeed a heart like Christ's is wot every believer shud pray for.. A heart full of compassion and nothin wrong within. This song really captured my heart d first time i listened to it and from dat time till now it has been my desire dat my heart be touched by d things dat touch d heart of christ.. ThankGod for someone like Cece. God bless u and ur crew

An inspiring song | Reviewer: Abigail D | 8/14/13

Dis song is awesome.Cece,u've been ma role model in d gospel music world that i imagine myself singing juz like u and it has helped me in d music department i am in church.The song brings tears to my eyes each time i listen to it,i silently pray deep down in ma hrt fo God to gv me a heart like his,gv me the grace to be pure n holy.Thanks ma'am for dz wonderful piece.God bless u and ur crew,amen

I wish there are no distractions in the world... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/13

Hmmm, some christians who has good knowledge of God desires to be like Jesus but it's not easy while those with shallow knowledge of God don't even know what it means to be like Jesus. When i listened to this song and i sing along i wish i was taken to a different kingdome where i could drill myself indeed to become like Jesus. It was an eye openner....

Eke mercy | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/13

This song is my prayer everyday,Lord,let my heart be touched by the things that touches your heart.A compassionate heart.A heart that is pure without iniquity is what i want.CECE,am proud of you

I need another chance | Reviewer: ZorBari Nwibani | 7/18/13

Hearing this song and looking back at my past life made me realize that another chance is what I need. I've tried to reach out for the Lord but I've fallen. This Song is My prayer to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. I need a heart like Yours. Cece, God bless & give u more inspirations & I also.

A Heart Like Yours Lyrics | Reviewer: Anozie Celestine | 6/25/13

Cece you hv realy moved me with 'a heart like yours lyrics'i go about shading tears each time i listen to this song,yet i cant stop playin it.I mourn my sinful way of life,but believing God for a change,LORD, give me a heart like yours,that is my autmost desire.Cece you will live to fullfil your gospel mission.

A heart that knows no sin is my desire | Reviewer: Okoye Nzube | 6/22/13

I really don't know why I told my friend to send me this song when I saw her playing it. Now I know why the holyspirit wanted me to listen to this song. Thank you cece. A heart full of compassion, so much grace,kindness,faith is my desire Lord!