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A Global Threat Biography

Last updated: 04/16/2003 02:03:00 AM

Okay let's see, we, well Bryan, Brett, Tim and Westy started the band in early '97 and released "The Kids Will Revolt" in early '98. That was when The Illegitimates, the band Mike and I were in started playing shows in Maine with A Global Threat, so ya know Bryan and Brett moved to Boston and Tim and Westy couldn't hack it so Mike and I quit The Illegitimates and joined A Global Threat as the new guitarist(me) and drummer(Mike). So we practiced a bunch and started playing shows in the Boston area and we caught on.

Mark from the Unseen took interest in us and he asked us if he could repress "The Kids Will Revolt" since only 500 copies were pressed originally. We agreed and then we embarked on a half-assed tour of upstate NY and western Mass. There our first van broke down and Mark came and bailed us out under the one condition he could join the band. So mark was in, we recorded another ep, called "What the Fuck Will Change?" on ADD Records. We aquired Crusty Jon Bon Jovi of General Strike fame and hit the road for a month long east coast tour. Well everything ruled until we crashed our van in Austin, Texas. So we rented a Ryder truck, cut our losses and drove home to Boston in 2 days.

When we got back we were in mad debt so we hopped on GMM Records out of Atlanta and started work on our first full length. During that time Step-One Records out of England offered to combine our first two ep's to make a full length, we agreed. We finished recording Until We Die and it came out in March of '99. But before we began recording Brett Threat departed from the band, so we found good ole' Gabe Asturd from Pluto Gang fame. Also Johnny was lost in the mix as well so AGT was down to a five piece. After we released Until We Die, Mark decided he would leave the band. We recorded one 7", In the Red with out him and it was one of our favorite releases to date. That came out in the spring of 2000, oh ya we hit the road in December of 99 with fellow boston scrubs the Statistics, what a disaster but a hell of a good time, strippers, coke, thousands of dollars - your typical shit.