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UFO A Fool In Love Lyrics

Last updated: 07/05/2012 11:00:00 AM

People say I'm a lion at heart
But they don't know what I em
People say that I stand apart
But they just don't understand

[1] Every night when the darkness calls
I'll be there at your beck and call

[2] I'm a fool for you baby
I'm a fool right now
People say I'm a man of means
But my plans are full of holes
People say I'm a holy child
But I'm rich down to my soul
All I need is you close beside me
All I need is to satisfy

[2 Repeat]

I'm a fool for you baby
I'm a fool in love

Every mornin' when the sun comes up
And all your dreams, they slip sway
I see your face and I understand
You're the only one, only one to make my day, yeah
Everybody say you ain't no good
But I won't believe it's true
They all say I ought to find someone,
But my heart belongs to you

[1 Repeat]
[2 Repeat]
[2 Repeat]
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