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Release Date: 03/11/2003
Tracks in Sing The Sorrow: Miseria Cantare (The Beginning), The Leaving Song Pt. 2, Bleed Black, Silver And Cold, Dancing Through Sunday, Girl's Not Grey, Death Of Season, The Great Disappointment, Paper Airplanes (Makeshift Wings), This Celluloid Dream, The Leaving Song, ...But Home Is Nowhere, [Untitled], This Time Imperfect, Now The World (Sing The Sorrow Version), Synesthesia

Sing The Sorrow Album Tracklist

Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/13

A.F.I. This album is a concept album incase nobody knew that? You must listen to the album in backwards order to figure it out, because the ending of "...but home is nowhere" the backwards guitar is also the beginning of "Miseria Contare"...anyway that's just a piece of info if you really want to get into the album? This whole album I believe is based around suicide as a result of a lost love and how it is looked at as a release for many people. If you read the lyrics to some of the songs Davey relates suicide and love kind of intertwined. All in all a great album one of my favorites. Looking forward to the knew release in September of 2013 should be good, hopefully they went back to heir alternative roots!

Surprisingly | Reviewer: Max | 6/17/11

I also think that this is the band's best work. I love the hardcore punk roots that AFI has. Their last few albums were absolutely fantastic. The Art Of Drowning and Black Sails were phenomenal. Heartfelt but rough around the edges. This album, however, is so refined. It is as close to perfect as I've experienced with music. Every moment on Sing The Sorrow is fresh and innovative, adrenaline pumping and energetic. I love this album with a passion.

Best album | Reviewer: Nellie | 4/30/10

Imo I think that this was their best album. Davey doesn't overdo it on the screaming and he doesn't do it particularly violently, like in Endlessly, She Said or Miss Murder. This is beautifully written and masterfully recorded. It's definitely their best album, or so I think. Decemberunderground has nothing on Sing the Sorrow.

Sing the Sorrow | Reviewer: Sarah | 7/10/07

I first borrowed the CD from a friend of mine and ended up loving it so much that I went out a bought my own copy. I think that Davey really put some of his most serious thoughts and feelings into this album. Even now, looking at it now that DECEMBERUNDERGROUND has come out, it's not overshadowed or forgotten. I think that dECEMBERUNDERGROUND only shows the progress that the band has made from Sing the Sorrow to today. And I believe that AFI will always be my favorite band.

great! | Reviewer: german girl ;) | 9/21/05

i would say, it is a very great lp and you could listen to it when you're depressed, but not only. the songs give you a lot of hope and force!that's why you could listen to it. :) I enjoy it very much, too. great, yeah ;)

AFI "sing the sorrow"album review | Reviewer: ▒MäggóT▒ | 6/2/05

i really enjoy this album. its one of my favorites. i would give it a 5 star, cause every song on this album i like. when im very depressed i enjoy listening to them cause... well, i just do =)
so yeah. its a great album... I LOVE AFI. they rule, they r not my fav. band, but they r one of them =D

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