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A Day Away Biography

Last updated: 03/29/2008 12:00:00 PM

In a sea of talented musical acts, it is difficult for any up-and-coming band to weather the storm, much less rise to any level of providence. With such adversity, it is amazing to see how pop/rock powerhouse A Day Away has managed to surge forward and stand out in a very crowded and competitive Midwest scene. From hometown zeroes to hometown heroes, and now to the verge of something much greater, this Springfield, Missouri-based quintet is gaining fans one show at a time with no sign of slowing their ascent.

Formed in early 2005, the band spent much of their first few months writing and recording their debut self-titled EP. What emerged from these labors was a polished, well-rounded collection of songs that was very uncharacteristic of a band still in its infancy, yet slightly misrepresentative of the bands current sound. As time passed, the band changed lineup a few times and consequently found a new direction.

Today A Day Away is working harder than ever to please their audience both in writing and in stage performance. Their pop-radio-friendly sound has web listeners affixed to their latest songs and fans wowed by their energetic and crowd-oriented shows. From crowd pogoing to huge guitar throws across stage, an A Day Away show is an event no attendee will forget.

In addition to playing live, the band recently finished tracking their debut album with the help of producer Jeff Smith, most notably recognized for his work with J Records artist happyendings. The album, entitled "Touch Me, Tease Me, Take Me For Granted," drops on the internet on October 3rd with a the CD Release Party scheduled for Friday, October 6th. This show will surely be an event that no A Day Away fan will want to miss.

A Day Away is Jake Turner, Kevin Gates, Blake Duncan, Frank Granatino, and Tommy Oerding.