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A Day At The Fair Biography

Last updated: 02/02/2005 02:38:43 AM

In the summer of 2000 Chris quit Lanemeyer and recorded 5 really angry songs about Rob under the name A Day At The Fair. The songs were originally intended to just be a recording project. Chris finished recording, packed his bags, and moved to Los Angeles. In L.A. Chris demo'd 4-5 songs on his 4-Track known as "The Bathroom Sessions" (because he recorded the vocals in the shower). The Bathroom Sessions showed a change in direction. So in the summer of 2001 Chris flew back to Jersey and recorded another 5 songs with some good friends who had too much free time on their hands, including Rob. These songs proved to be the saddes songs that Chris had ever written. Now what exactly took place between the summer of 2001 and the summer of 2002 is a little unclear. Chris was still living in L.A. that much is known, perhaps he went on a vision quest, had an epiffany, who knows? But when Chris flew home in the summer of 2002 to record another 4 songs something had clearly changed. Chris had found his heart again. The songs were clearly the best material that Chris had ever written. After recording Chris flew back to L.A. and upon hearing the final mix and master of what would become the No Lights On Weldon full length, Rob and Chris got to talking and what they heard in the record was something that could not be approached from 3000 miles away. The record combined 3 years of work into one 35 minute half acoustic and half electric masterpiece. It was something that Rob and Chris felt was too good to just be a recording a project, so Chris packed his shit and moved back to the east coast. When Chris returned A Day At The Fair hit the road immediatly to play their first shows ever on the Warped Tour Canada dates. On the Warped Tour Chris and Rob ran into Avi and delivered him a copy of what was going to be the first ADATF full-length "No Lights On Weldon." Avi fell in love with the record and the rest is Springman history. ADATF signed on to release their next EP on Springman, and after some small bumps in the road, Springman also is soon to re-released "No Lights On Weldon" to the masses. A Day At The Fair was built on the principle of playing sincere rock, thus the whole half acoustic half electric thing. It's what they're all about, and they'll continue to do that for as long as ADATF exists. It's a never ending experiment to keep themselves challenged and see how many different ways they can get a song across. A Day At The Fair is a 2 piece band featuring a rotating cast of characters to fill in any shades of grey. A Day At The Fair is from New Jersey. A Day At The Fair is Chris Barker and Rob Heiner.