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Mercyful Fate A Dangerous Meeting Lyrics

Last updated: 05/16/2001 11:05:57 PM

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Tonight the Circle is meeting again
Who will be the First to fall in Trance
In here nobody is sensing the Rain
Tonight a Spirit will glance

So as they're approaching Ghostly Hour
Seven People here are joining Hands
They think they know the Spirit to appear
Contact, the Table starts to dance

Time is standing still
It's a dangerous Meeting
They're gonna get themselves killed

Solo: M.D.

Tonight the Circle is broken Forever
Seven People dead within a Trance
In here nobody is sensing the Rain
Tonight seven Souls are reaching Hell

Time was standing still
The Meeting is over
Their Journey is on

Oh, they should have known
Not to play with the Powers of Hell

Some People have lost their Way
Some People have lost their Mind

(Music: Hank Shermann;
Lyrics: King Diamond)

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