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Honestly, somehow it always seems that
I'm dreaming of something I can never be
It doesn't bother me, 'cause I will always be the pimp that I see in all of my fantasies
I don't know your fucking name, so what, let's... (have sex)

Screaming to be the only way
that I can truly be free from my screwed up reality
So I dream and stroke it harder,
'cause it's so fun to see my face staring back at me
I don't know your fucking name, so what, let's fuck

All day I dream about sex
All day I dream about fucking

All day I dream about fucking
All day I dream about sex yes all day I dream about sex
And all day I dream about sex yes all day I dream about sex
And all day I dream about sex yes all day I dream about sex
And all day I dream about sex yes all day I dream about sex

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All day I dream about sex
All day I dream about fucking
All day I dream about sex
All day I dream about fucking

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It's just about being way too horny!! | Reviewer: Over sexed | 4/19/12

I was never a KoRn fan that much and let me tell you, ever since I turned 35 this song has described me so much. I'm a female and I know we are supposed to be inhibited and blah blah, but you know what? My hormones are nuts right now. I'm worse then a damn teenager. I truely think about sex all the time. Thank you KoRn for putting my feelings on paper!!

Airlia | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/25/11

I agree with most of the people here but I would just like to point out "...I can truly be free from my fucked up reality..." part. To me it means he's depressed, the world he's living in is so cruel, and his only escape is sex.

In depth review | Reviewer: Oliver | 7/7/11

This song is about someone who can't seem to hold a relationship long enough for them to have sex "All day I dream about sex, All day I dream about fucking". So instead he resorts to masturbation "So I dream and stroke it harder," and has relationships in his dreams "'cause I will always be the pimp that I see in all of my fantasies"

All day i dream about... | Reviewer: Shadow | 9/11/10

The song is about a lonely person who can not seem to have any intercourse at all.He wishes to "fuck"yet he can not.Religion is not involved in this at all.The point is that this man obivosly dreams about sex,hence the title.

One of the Best | Reviewer: KoRn child | 5/1/10

This song totally rocks man,these used to be KoRn i love them xD.
Would do anything to see them together again
yeah this song is type when you are goin on the street and see s1 hot and you think "i donĀ“t know your Fkin name so what lest's F#ck!" yeh sometime it happens :p

awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/9/10

i really love this song,i'm a girl and i don't think it's about only guys,its about all of us who enjoy sex and allways want it...
@Just a fan-am realy jelaous now,i would like to get laid to this song ever since i heard it :P
and people,religion and sex dont go together so, i choose sex XD

my little brother | Reviewer: tazily | 2/16/10

submitted these lyrics to this site, and i never knew.
i knew he liked the song cause hes told me to listen to it but i never clocked what the fuck was actually being said until i google his email address and found these.
says alot about my bro if THIS is the track he listens to constantly.

It is a great song | Reviewer: Just a fan | 2/1/10

it is a great song that talks about what we are all thinking. One shouldn't get religion involed, because by doing so you are censoring out something that is quite common in human beings.

p.s. ... I got laid to this song

Sex | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/9/09

Everyone shut up! give it a try.... go get laid then play this song. it makes sence. religion or not.... lets fuck, we are all human. this song rocks even if it repeats itself over and over and over again. who wouldn't want sex over and over again? its all good. korn just keep rockin hard

religion? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

i have no clue how religion got on this ?review? topic. but anyways, if you're going by timeline, first religion ever in history followed by any human was animism, the belief that everything was the spirit, no god, just everything being spiritual. and why would someone else having an addiction to sex bother your lifestyle if you're islam? live your religion your way, let others live there's, take pride in that rather than spreading more hate at difference. this song isn't about wanting to go out and have sex with everyone, it's about being addicted, which is a chemical addiction pretty much making you progressively hornier the more you have sex, almost like porn addiction, or gambling.

Just my own addition. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

this song is just about a guy and how he thinks of sex 99 percent of the time u idiots. simple as that. What is it with people and finding different meanings for it when its right in front of your face-obvious. yeah so what the lead singer had a few problems thats nothing u should focus on- fans get to caught up on that instead of enjoying it. i dont get it you know.

Mohammad Is Gay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/27/09

To the person who said Islam is the best religion, ur retarded. Obviously, the true religions started in Africa, with Polytheistic beliefs, so in your logic, they should be the the right religions. Islam started to catch on after Judaism, which means that Judaism is better than Islam in your logic. But, im not religious. To tell you the truth, theres no evidence at all that there is a god. But science doesn't explain everything either, but it LOGICALLY explains more things than any religion. Religion is just something people are brainwashed into believing at a young age, and then are dependent on it to explain simple and complex things. a.d.i.d.a.s. ROCKS

u'r looking at it the wrong way.. | Reviewer: Mahmoud | 4/21/09

fucking rediculous, u make some sense.. and its true!! humans changed forms, and intelligences changed, and we're all made of carbon.. but its no coincidence that all this carbon came together and gave you a fucking sole!! There's God, wether you like it or not... but its not the God christians believe in.. Its's soooooo freakin obvious that Islam is the right religion, because it came AFTER Christianity in time, told the same stories, praised the same God, but it stressed more on wt's rite.. and no matter what anyone sais, its TRUE.. but u can ignore if you want.. I'm a metal fan, I listen to all music that's supposed to be wrong in my religion, but I find it the most reasonable music in the world.. and it makes obvious the true nature of human being, and in this song, it sais all people wanna do is fuck and ignore all else in life.. that's how billions of people live... fuck I hate such stupid people sooooooooooooooooo much.. I'm a sinner, but at least not stupid.. I know wt's rite and wrong.. wrong is making SEX, which is a great pure feeling, the purpose of life and abusing it as if it were a peace of gum to chew on.. I don't think that's a way life is to be lived.. fuck I'm confused now by wt I said!! never mind, I just had a bad day..haha

Funny as hell | Reviewer: fucking rediculous | 4/18/09

First of all im agnostic, so as for the whole christian thing whatever, live your life how you want people, were all gonna die anyway. And if there is a god then all i can say is im going to hell, but theres much more evidence that we came into existence from carbon based molecules then some almighty supernatural being whos been around forever, and yes ive been to churches... nothing about the bible makes since or the principal of religion, and by the way evolution isnt a religion ITS A FUCKIN FACT!!! And just because Feildy had a sudden strike of conscience doesnt make god anymore real.

A.D.I.D.A.S (Awesome song) :P | Reviewer: Jemi.x | 4/14/09

I love this song! =] Music is supposed to fun and entertaining, right? =] xD so why is everyone trying to make an argument about it, who cares, people like different things so get a life and leave other people alone. If you don't like it or find it offensive then grow up and don't listen to it or read the lyrics therefore saving yourself the trouble of complaining about it, on the other hand if you don't like what people say about the song ignore them

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