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New Pornographers leader and full-fledged power-pop genius
A.C. Newman's third solo album is the punkest thing he's
ever done - and also the quietest, the sweetest, the
subtlest, simultaneously the most emotionally fraught and
spiritually contented.

It begins with a delicately blissful song about being "in a
strange in-between space where the things I had always
strived for - perfect happiness, success, being the best at
what I do - were suddenly not nearly as important as just
holding onto what I had," as he puts it, and ends with the
saddest, most direct and heartbreaking song More...

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good job. a few things? | Reviewer: mark
    ------ About the song Encyclopedia Of Classic Takedowns performed by A.C. Newman

I thought this was pretty well done considering how difficult the song is to put together.

There are some things that don't sound quite right, a few of them I think might be:

I didn't mean to live that many lies
piling an encyclopedia of classic takedowns.
...Don't you know there is a war out here.

I guess that is what my ears hear. I think a few others are a bit off but I don't have recommendations for correction.

Good job though!

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