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A Burning Water Biography

Last updated: 03/14/2010 12:00:00 PM


A quartet based out of Santa Cruz, Ca; A Burning Water was formed in the winter of 2000 and is a mixture of Indie, Post-Hardcore and Rock. Packed with an intense and energetic live show A Burning Water is as serious as they are passionate about their music. They have shared the stage with such acts as; The Blood Brothers, Thrice, Finch, The (international) Noise Conspiracy, Dredg, Rx Bandits, The Velveteen, The Matches, Sugar Cult, Strike Anywhere and Jonah’s Online Drawing. Since their beginning A Burning Water has self-released one e.p. and are currently supporting their 10 song debut album, We Can See The Sky From Here. With their constant shows dates and practice schedule A Burning Water has built themselves a reputation of being an extremely hard working band. A Burning Water brings their intensity to the stage every night and captivates their audience with their seamless mix of intensity, melody, emotion, harmony and energy. We Can See The Sky From Here blurs the lines between the rock, hardcore and instrumental genres. Beautiful swirling guitar work encompassed by honest vocal movements transcend into heavy driving riffs fueled by passion and the ever changing state of our world. A Burning Water is currently seeking a record label, management and booking to move them to the next level in their musical careers.