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Kano 9to5 Lyrics

Last updated: 02/24/2007 11:00:00 AM

All I know is a 9 to 5 aint cutting it
man I work hard you really think its luck innit
they say its not what ya know but who ya know?
shut up, its how hard ya work and how good u flow!
im ripe, im ready im good to go
im focused I neva been so serious
the hood think im signed in like im swear he is
but im still in the grime
writin rhymes, all day every night
writin rhymes, so serious
im never satisfied, until im satisfied
its never ending, I jus wanna stand out
I don’t want 2 blend in
no pretendin
see I don’t have a calms day rest
my albums in store next to Kanye Wests
see I was supposed to be a footballer
but they kept pickin the other kid who was a foot taller
I got lazy and less enthusiastic
I stopped trainin and turning up 2 matches
started sub was the managers tactics
but when I did play I used to score hat-tricks
then I gave up
now im in the music biz
and I wont ever let my laziness ruin this
there's just no point
im on point
im the (thierry) henry on the mic, im so on point

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