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Karina 90's Baby Lyrics

Last updated: 11/27/2008 11:00:00 AM

Listen I'm a bring it back
I got styles for days plus they all be asking where I'm form
My whole life is like a movie
I'm a 90's Girl
All about the corner store and the double dutchin on the block I'll show you what I'm about

Flash Back all ya'll suckaz it's about time you learn about the neatest arrogant and cause a disturb
Adjust your radio I'm finna school ya Yeah I'm a youngin young but I'm bout to move ya I promise

Uh huh
Calling you all up to my train No introductions necessary baby I'm a 90's baby
Catch up Catch up Catch up Get on my train
Baby I'm a 90's baby yeah

Uh huh
I said it and I keep it poppin hot My demeanor stays on your brain and my body's sizzlin up
Not to mention I'm a Crooklyn why shuldnt ya'll rememba dat
Make sure you don't forget
Gotta pause and bring it back


[Chorus x2]

All aboard now say you coming get on my terms get on my page im tryna show ya'll how I'm living this is how 90's baby do it

[Chorus x2]
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