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Washington 80 Miles Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2011 11:00:00 AM

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Why do I see stars at night?
Everyone else sees the light
And how did I come this far?
I'm sure that I can't fly

Why did you say that to me?
Eighty miles out on the sea
And I am built with parts of you
And you are built with parts of me
I think it's strange that the weather doesn't change
When you are beside me
When you are beside me
I make my plans but they don't stay the same
When you are beside me
When you are beside me

Oh Sailor, oh sailor
Take the wheel
Oh sailor, don't measure how I feel

Dance around the fire
Dance around the flame
We settle on the wire
You settle on my name

Take me with you when you go
Now that I know what I know
Cross the waves
Blow the windy tides
We go so slow

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