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Against Me! 8 Full Hours Of Sleep Lyrics

Last updated: 07/11/2012 11:00:00 AM

When you sleep,
No one is homeless.
When you sleep,
You can't feel their hunger.
When you sleep,
No one is lonely in a dream.
Without classes,
Without nations...
When you sleep,
She's standing there with open arms,
And one night can last forever,
And if you asked her,
She'd never let go,
And you'd stay forever...

And the sun's always rising
In the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told to live through

Let the new night bring you peace
And the promise of tomorrow,
Where we can wake to a new beginning.
Tomorrow, I'll have only lost their faces-
My friends and family,
Memories of all we had
And the times we should have lived,
And tomorrow America just might fall apart.
Tomorrow, tell me,
Where will you wake up?
Beyond title, beyond lease, careers and laws,
Something more than borders on a map...

And the sun's always rising in the sky somewhere,
And if young hearts should explode
From all the lies they've been told...
To live through one night like this,
I would trade it for the silence...

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Epic truths | Reviewer: Fryilluh | 7/11/12

Against Me! IS my favorite band. Almost all of their lyrics speak of truths that are often taken for granted. Their words are often full of despair and frustration, yet they sing and play with great energy. Their shows are incredible, and I guess at least if their message never gets across, at least they are highly entertaining about it. This is probably the only band I listen to anymore that can consistently spark emotion in me. Please don't go anywhere, Against Me!.

Sleep | Reviewer: Inge Ference | 11/19/08

This song shows very specific signs of bone structure and many other beats.
This song shows us how we often ignore facts right in front of our eyes where theres no pain thirst or hunger.
this song shows of A better tommorow to quote mr moustache
-Inge Ferenci-

Some Say... | Reviewer: Mr. Moustache | 7/19/07

This song is perfect with it's words and message; everything we hold to be 'so important' and 'real' in our waking lives is completely different, and, more often than not, better/'more perfect'. Things that we let slip through our fingers come back in our dreams to show us what could/would/should have been.
Against Me! isn't my favorite band, (although in the top... 15, I'd say) but their lyrics paint a picture of better place, almost. A better tommorrow. That's what made me have to comment on this beautiful song, even if nobody ever reads this.
Peace, Love, Empathy.

- Mr. Moustache -