8 Foot Sativa Albums

  • Breed The Pain Album (10/28/2004)
    Perpetual Torment
    Breed The Pain
    I Live My Death
    Mentally Castrated
    Altar Of Obscenity
    Human Abattoir
    Brutal Revenge
    The Punishment Within
    Genetic Treason

  • Season For Assault Album (10/14/2003)
    Whats Lost Is Tomorrow
    Escape From Reality
    For Religions To Suffer
    Destined To Be Dead
    Hatred Forever
    Season For Assault
    Chelsea Smile
    The Abused
    Hate Made Me

  • Hate Made Me Album (12/1/2002)
    Before Your Suffering
    Hate Made Me
    Fuel Set
    It's All So Real
    Grown Aggression
    Stolen Life
    Kick It All Away
    8 Foot Sativa
    Invention 13

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