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Peter, Paul & Mary 75 SEPTEMBERS Lyrics

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In the year of the yellow cab
In the shadow of the great world war
The third kid grandmom had
Came into this world
On a rolling farm in Maryland
When Wilson was the President
And summer blew her good-bye through the trees

A child of changing times
Growing up between the wars
The Fords rolled off the line
And bars all closed their doors
And I imagine you back then
With snap brim hat and farmer's tan
Where horses drew their wagons through the fields

Now the fields are all four lanes
And the moon's not just a name
Are you more amazed at how things change
Or how they stay the same
And do you sit here on this porch and wonder
How the time flies by
Or does it seem to barely creep along
With 75 Septembers come and gone

Were the fields all gold and fawn
Was the spring house dark and cool
Did the rooster crow at dawn
When they got you up for school
And would you tell me once again
The tales of grandad's hired men
And how they drove the old road to town


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Pine Bush, 1951 | Reviewer: Bruce | 12/12/2006

Well, this song reminds me of my Dad. Not born on a farm, or in Maryland, but that's the beauty. I relate to it. My Dad was born in in 1908, not 1919, but I always wanted to live in those days. This song takes me there, like drifting down a river on a raft. To my youth as well. To a time gone, never to return.
It is a beautiful ode to changing times, something all see much clearer as we age. Are you more amazed at how things change, or how they stay the same?
Try reading these lyrics with a dry eye. Can't be done. It should be redone as a history book.

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