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Silence, like a whisper
Maybe tomorrow it won't be here
So tomorrow we could teach them
Some new styles
You're such a killer
So shoot me down again
It won't hurt when the killing is done by a friend

Silence, like a whisper
So this is all we need
The fully air conditioned sound of speed
A violent whisper
And this time it's for real
So this day I made plans for us to leave

Silence, why won't you listen
Maybe it's just me
but sometimes it's impossible to breathe
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A violent whisper
Maybe this time it won't heal
Maybe this time it will bleed until I'm free

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Best song ever? | Reviewer: Fannie | 2/23/11

Really love this song, altough I, like the morepart of Kent's swedish fans, like the swedish version better, the lyrics to that version is even more moving than the english ones.

There's been a small discussion bout the mening of the song's name and 747 does stand for the airplane type but also the song is 7 minutes, 47 seconds, as someone wrote before me the number of the drumsample used in the beginning of the song and also the sum of all the bandmembers names if you replace A with 1, B with 2, C with 3 and so on. The last fact was discovered by emergency of a fan.


747. The name. | Reviewer: Jocke Hellström | 6/28/09

Like this. The song is 7:47, the plane on the album cover isn't a 747, it's a 737 ( was supposed to be a 747, but there was a mistake made) and Jocke Berg (singer and songwriter) posted on the official homepage that 747 var the number of the drumsample used in the beginning of the song.

Fantastic band | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/17/09

kent is my favourite band! Other great english tracks are stop me june little ego(the swedish version is great too), rollercoaster, music non stop, kevlar soul, heavenly junkies. Swedish songs : socker, sundance kid, gravitation, vi kan val vanta. Alot more are great too but i'm lazy to name one by one. They deserve global recognition for their magical songs

How have I never heard of this band??? | Reviewer: Johnny Mac | 1/14/09

Wow .. I find myself speechless. I read some lyrics on a friend's Hotmail profile a couple of days back - "Shoot me down again.. it won't hurt when the killin' s done by a friend....".
Found the words incredibly moving, so I did a search on Google, and the results were this song from Kent, who I confess I've never heard of...
Downloaded it onto my Ipod, and must say it's the first song in many years that put the hairs up on my body. This must be one of the greatest songs ever.

747 stands for | Reviewer: glittersuperstar | 11/23/07

747 stands for the time of how long the song is, simply 7 minutes and 47 seconds. just thought I would add that as someone thought that it refers to the aeroplane.

also that swedish music is the best.


A Fantastic Song! | Reviewer: Orbit | 8/27/07

A truly inspirational piece of music!
Kent is by far, one of the deepest and soothing bands i have ever heard. I would encourage them to keep producing these masterpieces as they are truly divine.

An excellent song | Reviewer: Luis Enrique Cruz | 8/1/07

Well, I admit that this song is a masterpiece. I think that the song 747 refers to the aeroplane and it evokes the magnificent association with the song. It's marvellous!

Sju Fyra Sju | Reviewer: Jimmie Svensson | 6/2/07

The song 747 is truely one great piece of music. There are also many different theories on how it earned it's title, which makes it even more special. However this is certainly not the only masterpiece produced by this band. And therefor I wish to encourage you to buy their albums! You won't regret it...

747 - Masterpiece! | Reviewer: Lasse Straagaard Nissen | 5/18/07

This is far the most perfectly composed melody I have heard yet!
Kent is one of the deepest bands I have had the pleasure to listen to and It's kind of a cool thing that they aren't that famous on a global plan! That makes them a bit more personal!

Fantastic driving melody - moves the soul | Reviewer: Tony Hiscox | 5/1/07

On the strength of this track alone this band ought to be more famous than they actually are - any band that can write a tune like this deserves high praise in my book - everything is so balanced true musicianship and a perfect vocal for a perfect summers evening track - a true undiscovered masterpiece - yes - I like it - and I think if you like music you will too - even though this track is long it leaves you wanting more

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