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hello. i am jess from the band 71 gaps. i will write you a short bio if you like.

71 gaps started one night when me, ben, derek, and james were really friggin bvored and decided we should play music together. ben quit after a day to play a lot of tony hawk till he mastered the game. so we were bassless for a while but we went with it. we recorded the cd welcome home and i just played guitar and bass too. then we got a bass player named kent the jibber and all was well. we played some cool shows and had a good time. then he quit to go to college. the smart bastard. so we had no bass player for a long time again. then i decided that since bass players were a rarity in a hick town i would just play it and we would go with one guitar. that was alright for a while but i damn well hate playing bass so it kinda sucked. anyway shit happened and we broke up. anyone who is interested should email me at threetesticlecowboy@hotmail.com and i will fill you in on anything youy would like to know.
i would very much enjoy your emails.
love jess.

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Howdy | Reviewer: Dan_from_Aus | 3/12/10

Hey I remember listening to you guys heaps back in 2002. I was into the hole pop/punk thing and I downloaded your mp3's. For some reason the other day I started singing one of your songs in my head...and was like "i MUST find out about that band!"...
You should put your songs somewhere where we can listen to them again. Ahh the memories...

to bad i found out you guys rock like 5 years to late | Reviewer: Pirate Redfield | 4/9/09

I think its gay when people think 'Forget about me' was done by boxcar racer. No way Tom can sing like that. So how can i go about getting a cd of you guys? If i can that would be sweet. well email me back if you wish.

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