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K'naan 70 Excuses Lyrics

Last updated: 10/18/2012 03:40:25 PM

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I could've been a doctor were not for degree
I could've been a winner were not for defeat
I could've been richer were not for the taxes
I could've been a scholar were not for classes
I could've been a rebel were not for a cause
I could've been employed were not for the boss
I could've been loved (x8)

We could've been artists were not for the music
We could've been on time were not for excuses
We could've been diamonds were not for the penny
We could've been special were not for the many
We could've been patient were not for the waiting
We could've been committed were not for the stain
We could've been loved (x8)

I still love your views and cup your inner views
Got me playing detective searching for some clues
I wanted to take you home show you where I've grown
Coffee down in Kenya then the swimming Cameron
But you're in California working on your script
Young and beautiful just want to make the most of it
You could've been loved (x8)

I could've been free were not for the past
I could've been first place were in not for the last

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