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B5 7 Digits Lyrics

Last updated: 08/23/2007 11:00:00 AM


Hey yo whats up lil lady let's talk 4 a minute
I can see u starin shawty leave the party and walk 4 a minute
I don't see wit no other guys
you rockin them hazel eyes ur hips got me hypnotized
I had to come and say hi to you
all i really wanna do is get ur name and ur number boo
know my games rel strong but u got to put me on
as to how i'm gon get wit u
u see i'm lookin at those thighs ur hot i'm not
gonna lie baby ur lookin fly and I won't let u deny
the truth

Carnell Bridge:
She said her name was Keshia
it's really nice to meet ya
shes heard of me be4 was either or
but let me please ya
give up them 7 digits
she told me she was wit it
if u would call we'll hit the mall
don't matter we'll just kick it

Can i get them 7's grl i wan't it
and i can tell u feel the same way grl
u wan't it so stop playin games wit me grl
jump on it and we can do what u wanna do
grl it's up to u alright 2x

Baby grl won't u come relax wit me 4 a minute
cuz i never seen no grl do the things u do had me blink
for a minute [ay]
leanin and rockin,u and me ain't no stoppin
baby it's on and poppin grl just chill wit me tonite
we can chill at the party babygirl and u wanna
come and kick it wit P-A-T
B5 stay oh so fresh dope diamond's on her neck
will make u freeze i kno u feelin what i;m sayin
baby just kick back how bout we talk
for a while then you give me that baby

Carnell Bridge

Chorus [2x]

Kelly rap:
Checkin u out at the club
and grl u got me so curious, i was bouncin then i bump
you split ur drink on purpose
oops my bad lil shawty let me help u clean that up
u smiled at me when u saw me put my number up in ur cup
you know you got that thunder[ay]
so gon give me ur number[ay]
you think that i'm a stunna[ay]
so gon give me that number[ay]
and there won't be a thing to regret
listen lil mama i stay cashin the check
big stacks on the dash and when i'm around
ya shawty i picture a big diamond round ur neck ay


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they hot | Reviewer: tamla | 8/23/2007

hay yall dis ya gurl tamla dis song iz hot. u guys have really grown up. i luv all yall part carnell pat dustin and especially kellys part. 4 those of u don't no carnell song the part wit her name iz keshia thing.

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About.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/23/2007

Ya is Carnell Is jsut He sound Like patrickBut Carnell the part of she sai her name was keshia ...
I luv the part of Patrick i dont know why and i luv the way how kelly rap is like sexy and he voice is deeper woww i jsut like that

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B5 | Reviewer: brianna | 7/15/2007

Listen B5 been hot sence they came out they was hot when they didint make no other songs after they first CD, they really hot right now cuz they new Cd Dont Talk Just Listen, so watevea yall say bout B5 and its bad yall cant hear or see B5 is the best with 2much and 2much and B5 sing ad rap all about young luv and wat young teens go threw some times in life so if yall dont get me or yall dont feel me learn more bout B5 cuz they still the shit to me

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about whu voice | Reviewer: Shardae | 7/5/2007

i luv da way yall sound and the voice of dustin dun got me trippin bcuz he sound soooooooooo sexy but i wanna kno y my boo bryan didn't sing

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wats up! | Reviewer: jessenia | 5/16/2007

hay guys my name is jessenia and i am 13 yaers old my brith day is coming up so ill be 14! i am 100% potorican. i think you guys can sing very good. hay eany time u guys need a dancer hit me up ar (1-413-364-7145)well u my read this and just 4get about me! but is ok i mean u can at laest writ back!ok muah.........!bye oh and i am not upsest wit u guys this is my frist time writing to ya!

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BrYaN!!! | Reviewer: JaMiE!! | 4/29/2007

wHeRe iZz bRyAn hE GoTs A NeW VoIcE ItS DeEPeR AnD I WaNtEd 2 hEaR HiM ANs sEe iF He sOuNdS AnY DiFfReNt!!!

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mature | Reviewer: Nicole | 4/28/2007

I think the song is really hot. It makes them sound more older cuz there voices are deeper/

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there should be songs of carnell | Reviewer: ericA | 4/21/2007

Its good and all, but I really want hear carnell sing for once. I really never hear him.

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sweet | Reviewer: ikelle | 4/23/2007

i only have their first cd and they did not have a commercial for the one with this song on it but i want it all redy they sound more mature and sexy i like that

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grown | Reviewer: ikelle | 4/23/2007

not that any thing was wrong with there last cd this song just make them sound more m0atuer and sexy

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