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Starting off one step above the excellent finish of "More out of today" Swedens finest 59 TIMES THE PAIN are back, dropping no suckers with their second album "Twenty percent of my hand"

With anthems as "Start the song", "Once proud to be", the videotrack "Can't change me" and "Neither question nor disagree" we are presented a 13 track blood boiling album with heavy up-tempo hardcore done the New York style.

Produced by Dan Swanö in Unisound Recordings (MILLENCOLIN, and hords of death metal/black metal acts) the new album hits home with powerful drumming, angry vocals, blistering guitars and a powerful intensity level. Overall there's a harder and a far superior edge on "Twenty percent of my hand" than on the debut. Musically the comparisons and power driven influences from hardcore/punk combos as SICK OF IT ALL, AGNOSTIC FRONT, GORILLA BISCUIT/CIV, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES AND RANCID is still there, but the songs and overall sound doesn't fall into being simple carbon-copying, but instead have a fresh life on it's own. No mess, just pure impact!!!

Despite popular belief, 59 TIMES THE PAIN is not a straight edge band and should not be lumped in with the new breed of straight edge hardcore sweeping across the globe. Musically though is a resemblance in the power, aggressive deliverance and honest belief in what they do. 59 TIMES THE PAIN's angry yet positive outlook clearly comes across in the lyrical department on "Twenty percent of my hand" definitely present in the hook-ladden angry yet catchy songs.

Following the underground success of "More out of today" and the debutsingle "Blind anger & hate" 59 TIMES THE PAIN has through excellent reviews and extensive touring established themselves as one of the hottest young hardcore bands around. Something which also has a lot to do with their stage appearance. Fact is; live 59 TTP still kick the shit out of the majority of their peers , and as the known live-act they are the new record will see the band covering all Europe in support of the album. Plans are also made for Japan and USA where the band has received flattering reviews and attention. New York HC magazine In Effect even wrote "They borrow a lot from the NY sound but in no way I can put a finger on any one band that they sound like and that spells originality to in my book. Hey guys, how about a move to New York while you're still young?!", which gives a hint of the popularity, credibility and acceptance the band has gained within the core of the scene.

Already being one of Europes most acclaimed hardcore acts and with a large constant growing worldwide following, there's no doubt "Twenty percent of my hand" takes the band one giant step forward out among the masses to kick some serious shit.
Hearing is believing...

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