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Billy Joel 52nd Street Lyrics

Last updated: 11/24/2010 10:00:00 AM

They say it takes a lot to keep a love alive:
In every heart there pumps a different beat
But if we shift the rhythm into overdrive,
We could generate a lot of heat....

On 52nd Street
On 52nd Street
We're gonna have a little show parade,
Before they know the second bar was played
We're gonna slip it to 'em short and sweet on 52nd Street

Submitted by Michael Hack

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love on 52nd street | Reviewer: a hit? | 11/23/10

yes...yes, this song, must basically, be about love on 52nd street. basically. when you take it to a real tight minded base, the lyrics are about love, and 52nd street.

it also might be about passion.

An Interesting Song | Reviewer: April Boyer | 10/20/10

I am a big fan of 70's music-especially Billy Joel, so, I'm gonna like most of what he does. I like the piano work in the song, Billy's voice just makes it even better. Even though it's not a hit doesn't make it a bad song. I'd say this song is basically about love on 52nd Street.