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The love line is never straight and narrow
Unless your love is tried and true
We take a chance with new beginnings

Still we try (Oooh)
Win or lose (Oooh)
Take the highs (Oooh)
With the blues (Oooh)

Always one more
You're never satisfied
Never one for all with you
It's only one for me
So, why draw the line?
Meet you half the way
And you don't know what that means
Oh, yeah

I feel like a running politician
Oh! Just tryin' to please you all the time
I given you my self with no conditions

Goin' wide (Oooh)
Runnin' long (Oooh)
Feelin' lost (Oooh)
But not for long (Oooh)

Always one more
You're never satisfied
Never one for all with you
It's only one for me
So, why draw the line?
Meet you half the way
When you don't know what that means
Whoa, yeah

(Guitar Solo)

Always one more
You're never satisfied
Never one for all with you
It's only one for me
So, why draw the line?
Meet you half the way
When you don't know what that means

I'll meet you half the way
Whoa yeah!
I'll meet you half the way
I'll meet you half the way

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review | Reviewer: SofiaVanHalen | 4/7/13

well, 5150 is a very very great album, I like almost all songs, my favorite one is "live walks in" and, sorry' but, permit me say, I've always thinked that the Van Hagar songs got a better quality in lyrics that the Roth's VH.
just my opinion.

Unbelievable | Reviewer: VanBarbee | 3/29/08

A simply amazing track (and album!), but what has always shocked my about 5150 is that it never became a single, and therefore went unnoticed by the general public. One of Edward's greatest riffs, and probably Sammy's best moment in his singing career, is thrown aside with the other greatly unnoticed tracks, which include Mine all Mine, Could this be Magic?, and the Dream is Over. This song is far too great to be overlooked, and in my opinion, is one of the greatest songs of the 80's (behind Jump of course!).

Also, just to add... | Reviewer: VanBarbee | 3/29/08

Let me rebuke any accusation of the lyrical content of this song being subpar. '5150' of course is the California State code for an Involuntary Psychiatric Hold (for example, Britney Spears was recently 5150'd), and the singer (the Red Rocker himself) explains how he and his love go through the trial and tribulations similar to that which would put one in a state requiring a 5150. It's a song about trying, and hope. Let's not forget that Stairway possibly was, and I quote Robert Plant on this, about hope, and had some of the oddest and arguably most original lyrics of it's time.

check out this artist | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/1/08

have you checked out artwork by TMNK? just search on ebay, he uses 5150 quite often as part of his reaction to his daily world. his work is soSic!

Best song on the album. | Reviewer: Hairy | 10/17/07

Easily the best song on the 5150 album. As someone who has been in a similar relationship I can appreciate the lyrics as well. But VH will never beat their Roth albums (especially 'Women and Children First'). Awesome.

i love this song | Reviewer: evh5150 | 9/20/07

i am seriously the biggest van halen fan ever i breath van halen i listen to their songs every single day and im even going to the concert on october 21 i cannot freaking wait i litterlay forced my dad to buy the van halen tickets cause i figured hey what the heck now u only get one chance actually be able to go to there concerts and i have never had that experience so im going to the concert oh and i can play eruption on my guitar sweetest solo ever

5150 rocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/3/07

Just dug this album out and dusted it off yesterday. 5150 is one of the best tracks on the album (and they're all very good). I too disagree with the original poster. This song speaks volumes about one-sided relationships.

VH's best song ! | Reviewer: Daniel | 7/13/07

I disagree with the other reviewer, this song is awesome, specially the lyrics... c'mon they can't get any more valid or true regarding relationships...
It is just awesome a great song and awesome lyrics...

oh sammy... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/06

This tune would be great if you could edit out the lame lyrics, or maybe if you don't speak English. The guitar, bass, and drums are suitable for rocking out eighties-style, just don't humiliate yourself by singing along.

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