50 Cent Albums

  • Hate Me Now Album (11/21/2012)
    When I Come Back
    Niggas Be Schemin
    Shady Murder (Eminem Shout)
    Love Hate Love (Hate It Or Love It Pt 2)
    Turn The Lights On
    Dont Make Me Do It 2
    Business Mind
    Definition Of Sexy
    All His Love
    Shootin Guns
    All About Dough
    Can I Speak To You

  • 5 (Murder By Numbers) Album (11/1/2012)
    My Crown
    United Nations
    Business Mind
    Roll That Shit
    Leave the Lights On
    Definition of Sexy
    Be My Bitch
    Can I Speak to You

  • The Lost Tape Album (5/22/2012)
    Get Busy
    Double Up - Tone Mason
    Murder One
    Riot (Remix)
    I Ain't Gonna Lie
    You A Killer..Cool
    Remain Calm
    Can't Help Myself
    Planet 50
    Lay Down (Smoked)
    All His Love

  • The Big 10 Album (12/9/2011)
    Body On It
    Niggas Be' Schemin'
    Queens, NY
    I Just Wanna
    Shootin' Guns
    Put Ya' Hands Up
    Wait Until Tonight
    You Took My Heart
    Off & On
    Nah Nah Nah
    Stop Crying
    Outro Skit

  • Before I Self Destruct Album (11/9/2009)
  • Forever King Album (7/3/2009)
  • War Angel LP Album (6/25/2009)
  • Curtis Album (9/11/2007)
  • Get Rich Or Die Tryin' (Soundtrack) Album (11/8/2005)
  • The Massacre Album (3/8/2005)
  • The New Breed Album (4/15/2003)
  • Get Rich Or Die Tryin' Album (2/6/2003)
  • No Mercy, No Fear Album (8/1/2002)
  • 50 Cent Is the Future Album (6/1/2002)
  • Guess Who's Back Album (4/26/2002)
  • Power Of the Dollar Album (10/19/1999)

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    Reviews about 50 Cent albums
    50 cent the big man | Reviewer: U. C Ezeja .u.
        ------ About the album The Massacre performed by 50 Cent

    50 cent your history will never end you are the best musician so far know body can use his or her mouth talk the way you rap at all to me i don't even know whether you are speaking english or not

    Lets talk bout these haters | Reviewer: Anonymous
        ------ About the album Curtis performed by 50 Cent

    That Curtis joint was better than kanye album Motherfuckers just started hatin on fifty and they still are Thats y alot of peopke bout his album so he can beat fifty in,sales Kanye joint was ok but it wont that good

    the bomb! | Reviewer: ade oladosu
        ------ About the album Power Of the Dollar performed by 50 Cent

    everyother time i find myself got bored,50 cent's music is inspirational to an xtent of given me the required strength to keep on.
    ilove evrything about 50 cent.he is so hood and he is the bomb.

    The brother is tite | Reviewer: chris
        ------ About the album Power Of the Dollar performed by 50 Cent

    listen haterz,i dont see no reason why y'all are hating on fifty,the nigga is tight and if this album was released it would sell definitely sell platinium records.power of the dollars is one of my favourite 50cents album & ghetto q'uran is my best track in this album.......mind you "go against him for sure you a gonner nigga,so y'all fellas aint in your right mind going against him. the nigga is fuckin rich and he did all by himself.........he's one of the best rappers the world has ever known..G!G!G!G!G!G-UNIT!!! haha

    G G G G UNIT!!! | Reviewer: Moad
        ------ About the album Power Of the Dollar performed by 50 Cent

    ya suckers, 50 cent is tha best rapper ever and this power of the dollar is his first album, why don't u listen to get rich or die tryin', the massacre, curtis, beg for mercy or the whole new 2008 g-unit album T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight)

    The Best Rapper Ever | Reviewer: Graham
        ------ About the album Power Of the Dollar performed by 50 Cent

    50 Cent is the best rapper ever i dont know how people can sat that he is shit that is no true he is simply the best if any on e has anything to say come and see me YA'LL BITCHES AND HOES HAHAHA G UNIT THATS WHATS UP

    It is what it is | Reviewer: Keep It Real
        ------ About the album Power Of the Dollar performed by 50 Cent

    Power of the dollar is a dope album. it aint pac (pac > all other rappers), but its some shit u can put on when u kickin it witchur homeboys or in tha whip and just let that shit play thru. this doesnt have any change the world music (changes, brendas got a baby, etc) but it is what it is... cold grimey music.

    Is it 4 Real? | Reviewer: Ice Berg Slim
        ------ About the album Curtis performed by 50 Cent

    I dont think that 50 outdid himself on this album considering the previous 2 albums his released.his standards are surely dropping and i dont wanna sound like a hater but it is nt up scratch.i havent listened to kanye's album bt im sure jesus the 2nd has surely ripped him and no wonder fif retracted his statement saying he'll quit if quit kanye beat him,however notable tracks on his album are follow my lead,man down,i'll still kill and cum and go with the exception of the singles.peace

    Grate perfomance | Reviewer: Godwill 'lil' candy'
        ------ About the album 50 Cent Is the Future performed by 50 Cent

    I wish to say,that this is one of the best sound tracks I love.This music is fabulous and fantastic than any other that i have heard.It also intertains me a lot especially when i'm bored.I LUV IT.

    WYLIE JANE | Reviewer: jONTY
        ------ About the album Guess Who's Back performed by 50 Cent


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