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Release Date: 10/19/1999
Tracks in Power Of the Dollar: The Hit, The Good Die Young, Corner Bodega, Life's on the Line, That Ain't Gangsta, As the World Turns, Ghetto Quran (Forgive Me Pt. 1), Da Repercussions, Make Money By Any Means, Material Girl 2000, Thug Love, Slow Dough, Gun Runners, You Ain't No Gangsta, Power Of The Dollar, I'm a Hustler, How to Rob

Power Of the Dollar Album Tracklist

the bomb! | Reviewer: ade oladosu | 2/23/12

everyother time i find myself got bored,50 cent's music is inspirational to an xtent of given me the required strength to keep on.
ilove evrything about 50 cent.he is so hood and he is the bomb.

The brother is tite | Reviewer: chris | 9/1/09

listen haterz,i dont see no reason why y'all are hating on fifty,the nigga is tight and if this album was released it would sell definitely sell platinium records.power of the dollars is one of my favourite 50cents album & ghetto q'uran is my best track in this album.......mind you "go against him for sure you a gonner nigga,so y'all fellas aint in your right mind going against him. the nigga is fuckin rich and he did all by himself.........he's one of the best rappers the world has ever known..G!G!G!G!G!G-UNIT!!! haha

G G G G UNIT!!! | Reviewer: Moad | 8/14/08

ya suckers, 50 cent is tha best rapper ever and this power of the dollar is his first album, why don't u listen to get rich or die tryin', the massacre, curtis, beg for mercy or the whole new 2008 g-unit album T.O.S. (Terminate On Sight)

The Best Rapper Ever | Reviewer: Graham | 3/31/08

50 Cent is the best rapper ever i dont know how people can sat that he is shit that is no true he is simply the best if any on e has anything to say come and see me YA'LL BITCHES AND HOES HAHAHA G UNIT THATS WHATS UP

It is what it is | Reviewer: Keep It Real | 2/3/08

Power of the dollar is a dope album. it aint pac (pac > all other rappers), but its some shit u can put on when u kickin it witchur homeboys or in tha whip and just let that shit play thru. this doesnt have any change the world music (changes, brendas got a baby, etc) but it is what it is... cold grimey music.

RE: Better than 2pac! | Reviewer: Tha one | 7/10/07

Yeah right this is better than 2pac. If yo can give me a couple of track with thighter lyrics than brenda's got a baby and keep your headz up than call me. But 50 (I ain't a hata, just a realist) 50's flows suck, his lyrics are worse and if they didn't hype him up (Dre & Eminem) with some dope (comercial) beats than he was still the bedroom gangsta he was before he got his dough.

And some Rappers how are owning 2pac or the rest of the Hip Hop world: P.E. & KRS-One

50 ....is hot for life | Reviewer: royalt | 7/9/07

wow both of u guys statements are retarted.....50 is tite as fuck and always was ...never will be better than pac...n who cares how he looks u must be one of these idiots judgin rappers quality now adays ...n e way ghettos quaran is one of the dopest songs hes got and it smashes alotta people...hes not a snitch jus tellin the tale of ny basically...50s the man....his best songs ever are the overnight celebrity freestyle and 50 bars of pain n pleasure...

BETTER THAN 2PAC! | Reviewer: kalvonix_14_@hotmail.com | 6/15/07

Power of the Dollar is the illist and defintley my favorite rap cd of all time. after all ma man 50 cent is my favorite rapper. so screw u hataz. he was really ghetto here and more of a gangsta to tell the truth he's still a pure gangsta now, but he was poor wen he did this so he was off the chain. he overpassed 2pac just wit this album if this wuz released it would go 9000000000000 times platinum and sell more than all pac albums combined! go get power of the dollar, yes.... its that good...........

crap | Reviewer: sara | 7/27/05

it is a load of crap 50 cent shit he made a big mistake putting getto quran he is so dark he looks like a piece of crap

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