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More so than any other music since the blues, hip-hop is all about stories. And its stories are both criminal minded and grand, making them enthralling and unbelievable, but also making them only as interesting and convincing as the teller. That's why, despite being blackballed by the industry, without a major-label recording contract, heads still gravitated to Jamaica, Queens' realest son, 50 Cent, like the planets to the sun. 50 Cent, born Curtis Jackson 26 years ago, is the real deal, the genuine article. He's a man of the streets, intimately familiar with its codes and its violence, but still, 50, an incredibly intelligent and deliberate man, holds himself with a regal air as if above the pettiness which surrounds him. Couple his true-life hardship with his knack for addictive, syrupy hooks, it's clear that 50 has exactly what it takes to ride down the road to riches and diamond rings. 50 is real, so he does real things.

Born into a notorious Queens drug dynasty during the late '70s, 50 Cent lost those closest to him at an early age. Raised without a father, 50's mother, whose name carried weight in the street (hint, hint, dummies), was found dead under mysterious circumstances before he could hit his teens. The orphaned youth was taken in by his grandparents, who provided for 50. But his desire for things would drive him to the block. Which in his case was the infamous New York Avenue, now known as Guy R. Brewer Blvd. There, 50 stepped up to get his rep up, amassing a small fortune and a lengthy rap sheet. But the birth of his son put things in perspective for the post adolescent, and 50 began to pursue rap seriously. He signed with JMJ, the label of Run DMC DJ Jam Master Jay and began learning his trade. JMJ would teach the young buck to count bars and structure songs. Unfortunately, caught up in industry limbo, there wasn't much JMJ could do for 50.


Curtis Jackson also known as 50 cent hasent had it easy. he was born in queens 26 years ago.read on and here about his life..........
His drug dealing mother was shot right in front of him.he was an orphaned child.He has been stabbed and put in jail numerous times.in 2000, 50 cent was shot 9 times in front of his grandmothers house and rumours started he went back to selling crack.he has already made a number of songs such as in da club, no mercy no fear,50 cent is the future and tonnes more.
when he gave birth to his son he was more careful about his singing.On the 6th of february 2003 his albulm 'get rich or die trying' was released.he has been blamed for murders too.If anyone else was living this life what would you do?


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Been a hustler is my ambition | Reviewer: D schock | 7/2/14

I never give up in life nd wil neva give up.Hustlation has been my ambition,i bgan to hustle when i was in primary 5 nd stil hustling.Am a real hip pop artist nd wnt to get intouch with u so dat i wil b a hero like u.Wan tin i like nd now is dat music is my destiny ,i never jot down raps bt i flow hot lyrics with my mind nd people like my raps.Am tryn to step my blesin foot in u.S.A bt tins ar had so i need ur suport nd i wil espect u nd i no u wil neva fail me.Stay bless fifty is de boy d shock 4 real.Bt rememba,give me a chance in g unit nd u wil neva regret nd wnt to make g unit stand 4 eva

Your young fan | Reviewer: 50 D | 6/29/14

Niggy cent you r a star for many year and we love, iam 50 D the doyen backing up you names in Africa need chances to be famous like you don ma email address is akokdut29@gmail.com take it imporatant ma niggy

from nigeria benincity to new york city | Reviewer: cent | 1/15/14

hi 50 yr greatest fan wordwide i will like to see yu one day in newyorkcity i will cm and watch yu on show when i will get my self into usa i luv anything that hv to do about yu and yr music yr firm yr clothes yr sneaker the way yu do yr thing i m so much imprest yu are holy my favourite rapper off time up till town i still hv all yr firm and yr music all by my side thank men for showing me what life is all abourt god will guard yu and protect yr family amen

50,U'RE MY MAN. | Reviewer: Oluwaczea | 12/5/13

50 c.e.o G-Unit,your way,style,@ childhood made u wat you are now JAH knw best.i knw wat it takes 2loose a precious gold, but life goes on bro! big successs in yr endevours 'keep husling' no dulling.~oluwac. NIG.

inspired by 50 | Reviewer: snoop | 11/3/13

50 u a blessing ur music inspires me u a real gangster bold as a lion each time I feel fucked up I listen to ur music en I understand u went through worse I wana be jus like you hustling ma way to the top!! Many Men!

King 50 ft Ar-15 my dream | Reviewer: Sonnyboy aka AR-15 FROM S.A | 9/21/13


50, i getchu -your biggest fan | Reviewer: Vito Fragassi | 9/4/13

mane, i been listenin to you since foever.
man i getcho lyrics an shit, i understand you.
you inspired me to get off the street and start rapping, butyou know how it uis, yo a gnagsta once, you a gangsta foeva mane.
but i wanna get outta the street and become big like you.
im in a gang n i have been fo yhers and i listen to you al day erryday.
man you my idol mN Im just like you.

thanks mane, fo keepin it real

remember when justin beiber got hit with a waterbottle on stwge and started cryin like the faggot he is, and when you got hit with a water bottle, you jumped into the crownd and started smashing faces G.
mane that weas some real shit right there.
thanks G

I luv u 50 cent. Dj. Sammy. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/3/13

50,i luv u cos i want 2 rap like u, am a Dj. But i need 2 know d type of rap or music u do, i started it as i listin 2 ur music, copin ur rap 2 know d number of words u use so as 2 do wht did. I hv a song title believe, some ar ft. All am sayin is dat as Dj i need 2 know a cool rap music dat always carry meanin. I luv all ur music & life style. Is still ur music lover DJ. SAMMY.

ur biggest fan of all time | Reviewer: egs | 7/31/13

Wht up king of rap king of music u always been my favorite artist in fact I think ur better than 2 pac and big e smalls I want u to sign me as a rapper and only u I lost my mother too she died in a car accident so did my brother when I was two I was in that crash too I never got a chance to say goodbye I don't even know wht they look like I don't even know wht my real family looks like I know nothing about them I real hope u read this I'm 16 and I was bullied and still is getting bullied all because I'm black in lancaster and causse of my scar on my forehead but I try to stand up to my bullies its just that I can't be fighting every single day I win all my fights any way I hope u read this by the way I've sold drugs I've been shot only 2 times one bullet just skimed past my leg and in the face funny thing is that bulet went straight through my cheek and tounge and out my other cheek I have a hard time pronouning my words some of them but I try so hard to pronounce them right I like a fity because u never give up I know wht I feels like to be accused of murder

GAT LUV 4 50. D.CENT | Reviewer: Valentino Black Dxtar | 3/17/13

Tell them dt d kingblood is too precious to waste away cuz it whorth fiftysaints.KING50.d New York king.Watch me tips some knowledge cuz wen it rainz it pourez.tell me dt is morepain,moregain 4 d man dt is guidin urbak gt power 2 turn pain 2 gain nd dt power is in u.d story of a greatman is alwayz a tragycomedy.dstory dt mk me gv glory 2 God.oh u truly pasthru fire 2 gt urglory.nd dt alne mk u my TrueHERO.Truly wot goes arund coms arund lk u said.cuz i never knew dt i can gt opportune 2 write 2 my idle.myhero,d man dt av tut me somuch thru his classicsongs.dt i nw pt my mind n d money nd trust nobitch.hey 50 is ur greatfan valentino black dstar.i feel lk askin u 21? 2 know hw u brek d hell nd gat 2 heaven.bt i dnt want mylinez 2 b 2lenghty.am an upcomin artist 4rm Niger bu stil battln 4 d opportiunity 2 d top.4 we bliv dt we wil gat a swtescape.nd 1day mk it lik u did.4 i mst gt rich or die tryin cuz d world is nolonger 4 d poor.bt i can loose mylife 4 am diein 2 live.my name is valentino black dxtar.cuz 2 be dxtar is d game i play.nd i pray 2 mk it lk 50.valentino black is d name, 2 b dxtar is d game.i gt lv 4 50cent.tnx

you and i born on the same month and date | Reviewer: wendy | 3/10/13

Hi fifty ... you are my hero, i love all your songs and you are the best. i wish you god's guidance, good health and prosperity. the same day of your birthday is mine also. big up and continue to be the best.GOD BLESS PEACE. from the beautiful island of St.Lucia

western union money transfer/money gram | Reviewer: adeniyi obanla | 2/15/13

Dear ma/sir my name Adeniyi Obanla from nigeria i am student of University of Lagos where i study music and i am the president of your fans in my school but my father died and there is no helping hand again and my mom is an old woman to take care of my school fees so i need just 5000 dollars to pay for my school fees and to buy my text boos and handouts so i will be very grateful to see you sending this money to me via money gram or western union money transfer my email address is niyi3t1997@yahoo.co.uk
Thank you
Adeniyi Obanla

still a strong solja | Reviewer: k dawg | 2/8/13

I listen to you for a long time and your always hot and the only one in the world who got shot nine times that's why ya music hot ya girls hot ya rymes hot and your hottest oofalll

50 | Reviewer: quency | 1/31/13

50 i like yo song complicated u been my favorite rapper all my 12 years and i wont to know how you servied 9 shots and both of yo games are i beat blood on the sand other one hard

lord feel our pain | Reviewer: touch by an angel | 1/17/13

Hi Mr.Jackson I saw u on Katie show but I've been a fan since the beginning iwant to share w u I lost my father who was shot to death in my bedroom at the age of 12 he was my bestfriend miss him deeply.I'm 39 yrs of age now and just starting thearpy and I got to say I'm scare and exhausted but after 50 mins.I feel good I want to write a best seller but don't know where to begin do u have any suggestions.happy new years and may god continue to bless u and your family thanks for even taking a peek at my past

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