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5 Cent Deposit Biography

Last updated: 04/16/2003 01:46:15 AM

In October, 1998, Returning empty soda cans became more than a gift to the environment and a way to get your change back. It put a name on a newly-formed three-piece Pop-Punk band fresh from Long Island. Struggling to make ends meet for funding rehearsal time, the band turned in soda cans in exchange for a name which couldn't be more well suited - "5?Deposit". Founding members, John L. (guitars-vocals), Lieber (drums), and Newest addition Chris King (bass), Create their unique , Power-Pop Punk sound exuding the vigorous energy and raw talent which makes "5?Deposit" stand above the crowd. Influences range from 50's & 60's rock and roll to bands such as Green Day, NOFX, and The Ramones. "5?Deposit" has developed a flavor all their own, establishing recognition by playing countless shows, placement on several compilation CD's and airplay on various radio stations. A band devoted to what they do, with fans devoted to what they create, "5?Deposit" is sure to make a lasting impression on the Pop-Punk scene.